Friday, December 31, 2010

Au revoir Blogspot… Salut Wordpress

Au revoir Blogspot… Salut Wordpress

Along with biding goodbye to 2010, I bade goodbye to blogspot too… See you on the other side in the New Year at my new address…

PS – I would no longer be posting here… The madness would now continue on my new blog

PSS – If anyone wants to send any gifts for New Year or new blog please feel free to send them…. Merci Beaucoup…

See you at my new blog….

Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet Another Feather In My Cap….

Yet Another Feather In My Cap….

No no I have not done anything great… By the way when did I do something like that last… Aummmmmmm….. Forget it… Anyways the cap that I’m talking about is that of embarrassment… Yes I hold a record of the number of embarrassing moments… In fact I still remember that while filling those scrap books when I used to reach the most embarrassing moment column I used to end up scratching my head wondering which one to put… Too many options create confusions you see…

Hey are you thinking that I’ am always doing something silly…. Mind you I even work seriously but nobody has ever seen me doing that…. But whenever I indulge into something silly which I sure don’t want anyone to see only then the world begins to look for me…

Yesterday I added yet another feather of embarrassing moment in my cap… Since it was Sunday everyone had gone out…. Mom and dad went out together, Piyush was out with his friends and dadu is always with his friend on Sundays… So basically I had the entire place for myself… Sounds cool…. I was getting bored so I turned on the music… Ear deafening loud… After a few minutes came our dear Sheila’s number… I don’t know when but Sheila had knocked all my senses and I was dancing around the entire house like a mad… I even wrapped my mom’s dupatta, Sheila ishtyle, Just to get a feel you know….

Oh everything was so much fun but not for too long… Just when I was shouting at the top of my voice , na na na na na na Sheila, Sheila ki jawani (With my fingers doing the signature Sheila step) he was standing right before me, starring at me as if he had spotted some alien…. I froze in my place still… My fingers still up in the air…. I tried convincing myself that it’s just another nightmare but no those two big eyes behind thick glasses were still starring at me in disbelief…. But how come he’s here…?? He was supposed to be with his friend… Yes guys it was my dadu… I wanted to ask him that what has he doing here….?? But then I realized it’s rather him who should be questioning me… So just when I gained my senses back I took off that idiotic dupatta and ran back to my room…. (Finally I did something sensible)

Later I came to know that he was at home today coz his friend had gone out of town… Couldn’t his friend inform me also in advance… It’s all uncleji’s fault you see….

By the way its not just me who invited a trouble coz of Sheila but Piyush too is the member of the league… This Saturday while he has planning to go for Tees Maar Khan mom told him that he should better cancel the plan as the movie has not got good reviews… So my intelligent brother said “Who cares about the movie, all I care about is Sheila ki jawani” I broke into laughter and mom was starring at him… Sheila continues to drive the world mad….

So what’s your most embarrassing moment guys…? Go ahead, share it with me and join the “I- Love-Non-Sense” Gang…..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Shinchan Isshtyle...

Meri taraf se sabko merry wala Xmas…. Ho Hoye....

PS – If anyone has any shinchan videos or shinchan song you know where to mail it…

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Idea of Love

My Idea of Love…

Just a couple of days back during one of my class my students said that they were not in a mood to study and so we decided to play spin the bottle… Having escaped successfully a few times finally the bottle stopped pointing at me and now I was asked to choose between truth and dare… I chose truth (Dare was actually not an option for me coz I’m a terrible dancer, an awful singer and pathetic at cracking jokes or mimicking and I’m too lazy to do anything else either)

All the gals started murmuring into each others ears about what to ask and kept giggling (Girls are really silly in this case… I just don’t understand what pleasure do they find in murmuring into ears and giggling over it… It irritates me….)

Finally after pointing at each other the You Ask - You Ask business came to an end (Thank god it ended… I thought it would go on forever) and one of the gal asked me “what do you think about love” (And all of them started giggling again… Gauch) to which I answered that I think being in love is like catching cold…. (They had expected me to say that falling in love is the most wonderful thing and blah blah blah… They had expected anything but not this… You should have seen their faces than…)

Yes that is what I think…. Falling in love and catching cold is the same… Don’t believe me… Here are a few similarities

· Whether you fall in love or you catch cold both leave your head spinning and go on to add unnecessary troubles and headaches to your otherwise sweet and simple life…

· The end result of both love and cold is the same… Red swollen eyes filled with tears…Smiley

· Whether you are in love or you have caught cold, in any case you are going to lose your diet and have sleepless nights….

· People who are in love or have been struck by cold are often found saying this…Smiley

· Both love and cold makes a person useless and good for nothing… Smiley

· And yes, not to forget, neither love nor cold have any prevention or cure… Hote hote hota hai aur jate jate jata hai…

So next time if you ever begin to feel that you are in love then just hang on their and check if you have caught cold…..

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spring rolls without Spring Onions

Spring Rolls Without Spring Onions….

Today I decided that I want to have spring roll for dinner and that too my way… As in more spicy and no spring onions… It took me two hours and three fights with mom to have it done my way…

First fight

Mom - How can you put chat masala and Maggie masala in spring rolls???

Me – Didn’t I tell I need the kitchen for two hours, then how come you are here??

Mom – I was just passing by…

Me – Ohk then Bye…..

Mom – But how could you even think of…

Me – (cutting her sentence half way) – Mom its already done… Now may I

Mom – Its better that I leave…

Me – Thank you

Second Fight

Mom – No spring onion in spring rolls???

Me – So what??

Mom – Ever even heard of it…

Me – You would be the lucky one who gets to taste it…

Mom – Smiley And leaves again....

Third fight

Me – Where is the Vinegar??

Mom – It got finished last week…

Me – Ohk I’ll ask Piyush to get it

Mom – Oh let it be… Hardly makes a difference, anyways you need to put just a few drops…

Me – I want it and Piyush will bring it…

Mom – He is no mood to go and get vinegar..

Me – Piyushhhhh (And he appears) If you want to eat spring rolls you have to go right now and get vinegar

Mom n Piyush –Smiley

(And finally piyush picks up his keys and gets vinegar)

Me -Smiley

Finally after fighting against the world mission spring roll accomplished deliciously… And mom was too busy relishing them forgetting the fact that she had been fighting with me just an hour back…

Here are a few pics ­­

This is the stuffing that I made...

This is how the rolls looked before frying…

And here are the fired rolls...

And this is ready to eat…

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Emoticons A NO-NO For Boys….Emoticons

When we talk about boys there is a set image in some way, like you expect them to be a little muscular and all that…. What happens when guys try to do something against their image… Nothing much just that they turn into a laughing stock or a centre of attention… Here is a list of what guys should not be doing et all....Smiley

  • Ridding a pink scooty - I know pink is no longer just a feminine colour… Wear pink shirts, pink ties (Pink lungi for vimmuuu) but Pink Scooty…. Guys never look good on a scooty and to top it all a pink one… Na na na…Smiley
  • Wearing a flowery shirt – Please stop making an attempt to turn into a flower shop… If you think those flowers catch attention, well yes they do but only for a wrong reason....Smiley
  • Panting your nails - I have seen a couple of guys wearing nail paints and some go beyond that and even put mehandi…. Why don’t you understand that some fun things are reserved only for us, girls….
  • Moving hands/playing with a ring/chain while talking – Oh please it looks cute but only on gals… So better learn to stand straight…Smiley
  • Keeping flakes in hair – Long hair suit some of the guys but flakes (Eg Terence Lewis)… It looks ridiculous and absolutely girlly…
  • Whispering in ears – That is so much a girl thing…. I know guys too have their secrets (and more important ones) but you can share them in any way but not by mumbling into each others ears….Smiley

These are a few things that I saw some of the guys doing and found it a little funny… Come on girls you can add to the list and boys even you are free to say whatever you want… After all I believe in equality of gender….

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kids these Days

Kids these Days….

I know I’m too young to say this and I think that I'm myself still a kiddo but every time I see these kids around me it just leaves me wondering how much the kids these days have changed…

A couple of days back I went to visit a cousin of mine… Her son is just 4 years old… While I was chit chatting with him, the tiny toddler picks up my cell phone from the table and begins to play with it… My sis warned me to take it right away but he was all set to dissect it… I thought let it be, he won’t be able to even unlock the phone so no issues but to my surprise in the next 5 minutes there he was playing the Shinchan tune in my phone and clicking pictures here and there (So now you guys know that I love Shinchan)… I was really surprised to see that and there was my sis giving me a Didn’t-I-Tell-You look… I mean even after using cell phone for so many years, you give me a new cell phone and I’ll be all confused to even unlock it forget about operating it and look at these kids, they are way beyond us…. (So now you also know how dumb I’m when it comes to gadgets)

I think we need to gear up….

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Favorite Made By Me

Gulab Jamun is my favourite sweet and so I decided to try my hands over it... For the first 2 times the balls that I made broke but finally I managed to handle them carefully and keep them round without any cracks here or there... Thankfully it tasted good enough… Here is how it turned out to be in the end…..

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's all Non Sense

It’s all Non-Sense….

Cribbing, cribbing and more of it and yet I don’t seem to get enough of it… Yes I have so many complaints and questions hitting me hard as nail….

Why only me???

How could life take a turn this way in a flick of second???

How can an inseparable part of your life be taken away from you so ruthlessly???

Why can’t things happen for once as per our whims & wishes???

How can some people turn so cold and let you suffer in grief for almost no fault of yours??

How terrible does it feels to let everything shatter right before your eyes and be able to do nothing about it but feel helpless???

I’m tiered of listening to this non-sense that whatever happens, happens for good, and God surely has a better plan for us… I don’t want the better or the best, so please don’t care about that… I want the worst and I’ll be happy with that, as no matter its good or bad but it would be just the way I want it… Can this happen for once….

Sorry guys, I know it made no sense but I really had to get this out of my system and wanted to get the feeling that someone is listening….

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats your Rashee???

What’s your Rashee….??

Some say it’s true, some say its rubbish, some find it interesting while others think of it as nothing more than a word… But accept it or not we all are a little curious to know about our sun sign in detail…

I had always believed that sun sign is nothing but a mere tag which people impose on you owing to your date of birth until I met this friend of mine. Let’s call her Y…

I met Y during my graduation days; we clicked well from quiet the beginning of the college…. She always said that I’m a hard core Scorpion (My date of birth being Oct 24, 1987) and I hardly cared about it sticking to my belief that the concept of sun signs is all rubbish… After all there are so many people of each sun sign, how can you expect them all to have the same set of character traits… But as she came to know more about me she kept re-emphasizing on me being a scorpion to the core and insisted me to read about Scorpio woman….

Initially I didn’t quiet give in to the idea but finally I agreed to her and what better place then our dear internet… As soon as I typed Scorpio Woman in the Google search window there was an endless list of sites on the same… I began to read about it just as a formality to keep my promise but to my surprise within the first 10 minutes of my read, I was left amazed by the fact that each trait of a scorpio woman was so much there in me and she was absolutely right in saying that I’m a scorpion head to toe… Yes I’m passionate about everything that I take up, I can keep secrets till my last breath, I’m stubborn and short tempered, J factor comes into play easily in my case, I don’t give up easily, I begin to lose interest from things very quickly, I can never be neutral – either I love it or I hate it… It’s all so true… (Ohk now I’m not gonna bore you with all the traits of scorpions)

And since then I have believed that our sun sign does have a significant role in deciding the kind of person we are and it does influences our behaviour but I still wonder how is it possible that all the people with the same sun sign have same qualities… Just how???confused

So what’s your take on sun signs… Do you believe in them… And do let me know if you find an answer to my question….

P.S. - I don't know why but I simply love my sun sign....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Children's Day

Celebrate The Kid In You…

14th November…. The mere mention of this date spreads a smile across my face… There are so many sweet memories of my childhood attached with children’s day…. (not that I’m no longer a kiddo, I would always be one…)

Every year on this day our school used to take us for a picnic which was mostly to Nakhrali Dhani(a place situated on city outskirts) and trust me though we used to visit the same place every year still we used to go with the same excitement each time because it was not the venue that mattered rather there were other significant things (read silly now) that mattered like getting an opportunity to wear a coloured dress rather than the boring school uniform, a chance to play with my school friends till late in the evening, that drive from school to the picnic spot in school bus and playing antakshri or dumb shiraz on the way, playing numerous group games like hide and seek, water n ice and fighting about who would give the den this time and then resolving those fight by chanting those silly inky pinky ponky xyz is donkey, Sharing tiffins, fighting for the window seat while journey back home….

Oh I miss it all so much…. Times have changed and from a school going girl with 2 ponytails I have turned into a teacher myself but one thing that has not changed in all these years is celebrating children’s day…. Yes I still celebrate children’s day each year (and will always do)… My mom takes me for an ice cream or a chocolate fantasy treat every year till date and I love it veryyyy much….

Who says we are no longer kids…. After all age is nothing but a state of mind….. We all have a kiddish corner so this children’s day go and celebrate the kiddo in you… Go n pamper yourself…

Happy children’s day….

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just one Request

Just one Request…

I love rains and they have always been a turn on for me… I know it sounds a bit kiddish but I love love love them….. Every time it rains, my dil goes hmmmm…..And to my fortune it has been raining here for the last two days… A rain in winters is simply Amazing…. With those diamond like tiny droplets of rains everything around seems so beautiful… There is something very special about rains… I have always believed that rain is one the best gift given by god to us… It is god’s way to say “Go celebrate and dance your heart out” and trust me I never miss on that…dancing

With all of this there is just one more thing that I want to request God and that is “can’t the rain water be a little luke warmish”…. I mean I know it’s asking for too much but don’t you think it would be super fun if the rain water was warm… We could get drenched in the rains as much as we want without being scolded by mom, without catching any cold, in short without any worries…..

So what’s your idea of rains???

P.S. - Dear God, Please think over it.... batting eyelashes

Monday, November 8, 2010

Him and Her

Him and Her....

Here is a piece of conversation between mom and dad…. My daily doze of laughter….

Her : Why have you bought so many Bananas? Who is gonna finish them now??

Him : Oh I happened to meet our regular fruit vendor today, so I stopped to wish him happy Diwali….

Her : So... he gifted you these many bananas for free…..let me think

Him : No but he gave me in half the price

Her : How much did you pay??

Him : I paid Rs.20 for a dozen while the market rate is Rs.30

Her : I never knew that 30/2 is 20!!!

Him : rolling eyes confusednail biting

Me : laughing

The Beauty Of Togetherness.....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Memory To Cherish

A Memory To Cherish….

Anything that happens for the first time is always special and becomes a part of the magical box called memories… This Diwali has gifted me with one such sweet memory for lifetime and would always remain close to my heart….

As a kid I always saw how dad used to go to our shop for Diwali pujan while mom used to take care of Diwali pujan at our home and somehow I always got this feeling that even I want to have a place which would be all mine and then I would do diwali pujan at my place…. Finally my dream took shape of a beautiful reality this Diwali…

Remember I told you about the education institute that we have started, yes I did my first Diwali pujan their, along with a few close friends… We did it with all the procedures to the best of our abilities… We decorated a corner of our room as Lakshmi Ji’s mandir along with all those puja ki thali, fruits, sweets and everything else… It was all very simple and yet seemed so special….

I can’t explain how proud I felt at that point of time and I wholeheartedly thanked God for blessing me with a place which I could call my own… God has really been kind to me…. I’m really thankful to him for always being good to me and wish that I continue to be his special kiddo… J

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Reason to Celebrate

A Reason To Celebrate…

Diwali, a symbol of victory of good over evil is one such festival which is celebrated in all parts of the world with great enthusiasm especially in India….

Diwali has always been one of my favourite festival because during these days you see all the places so beautifully decorated with all those colourful lights, those beautiful kandils and those breath taking rangolis…. And most importantly you get an opportunity to officially spend on dresses and footwear without any restriction…

Diwali surely has always been a reason to celebrate for all of us but why do we celebrate diwali….?? I’m sure each one of us has been told a story behind Diwali during our childhood and most of us know that we celebrate Diwali as home coming of lord Rama after defeating Ravana but do you know that this is just one story and there are several such stories behind Diwali celebration and so I decided to google it out… I found a lot of stories on this theme… There were some 8 to 10 stories but here are two of them which I found quiet interesting…

The defeat of Naraka…

In the ancient times, there lived an asura(demon) named naraka who obtained a boon from the great god Brahma, granting him power over males of all classes- asura, deva, and manusha (man). Having received this boon, Naraka began to trouble everyone. With time his evil activities began to increase and he attempted to conquer Devlok and attacked Lord Indra, the king of devas….

Being terrified by Naraka’s act, lord Indra approached Krishna to seek his help. Krishna agreed to help Indra and called for his chariot and requested his wife Queen Satyabhama to accompany them for the war as she was an excellent combat….

Krishna along with his wife and all devtas approached Naraka’s Palace fighting all odds… Naraka and Krishna fought for a while until one of Naraka’s bow struck Krishna’s shoulder because of which he fell on the chariots floor… Seeing this Queen Satyabhama came to Krishna’s rescue and picked up his bow and arrow and called out, "Naraka, your boon grants you power over all males. But dare you fight a woman….”

Naraka took the queens challenge lightly which was his biggest mistake…

The brave queen stood her ground and with careful aim begun to shoot her arrows. Like lightening, they sped through the air, finding their mark before Naraka could even string his bow! Naraka screamed out in pain and fell to the ground with a thud. And in this way Queen Satyabhama destroyed the demon…

To this day, Hindus in southern India remember Queen Satyabhama's victory over the wicked Naraka by joyfully lighting lamps to brighten the darkest night of the year.

Three steps of land…..

Long ago there lived a great king called Bali who, although he was an asura, was honorable, generous, and just.

He decided to carry out a pooja to please God Brahma and get a boon from him to become invincible. The devas, however, were greatly alarmed by Bali's devotion. "What if Lord Brahma grants him a boon that will make him invincible? He must be stopped before he can cause harm." And so they rushed to lord Vishnu to seek for his help, to which he agreed.

Meanwhile Bali’s yagna ceremonies were at its peak. Just then, a small dwarf entered the sacrificial hall. "0 great King," said the dwarf. "I see that you are giving away gifts. May I, too, have a gift?"

"Of course," replied Bali generously.

"No one is to be turned away. You can ask for anything and it is yours."

"All I want is a small piece of land," said the dwarf, bowing low. 'Just three steps will do."

"Is that all?" Bali was confused. The dwarf had such tiny legs. "You could ask for much more. A large estate, food, clothing, riches, perhaps even a beautiful bride"

"No, no," said the dwarf, shaking his head. "I have no need of such things. Just three steps will do."

"So be it!" pronounced King Bali, waving his hand generously. "Take your three steps, Dwarf."

At this point, the dwarf changed into Vishnu, and now he took his first step… To everyone's surprise, it covered the whole earth! He then took his second step. To Bali's alarm, it covered the whole sky!

Stretching once more, lord Vishnu raised his leg to take his third step. But there was nowhere to place it. He had already covered the whole world!

"You promised me three steps," he said. "Where should I place my foot now?" to which Bali replied . "I always fulfill my promises," he declared gravely. "I promised you three steps and three steps you shall have. Place the third on my head, 0 Lord."

Lord Vishnu then placed his foot on Bali's head and pushed him deep into the underworld. Petals fell from the sky as devas came out to rejoice.But the people of Bali's kingdom were far from being happy, for they loved their generous king. Vishnu, too, felt sorry for him, for, after all, he was good and kind. "Bali, you are a good king and your people love you. Therefore, you may return to visit them once a year," he announced.

And thus, once a year,Bali returns to visit his people, who greet him with great rejoicing and this day is celebrated as Diwali....

Different people, different stories but the base line is that the festival of Diwali has something for each one of us which could be in form of Diyas, lights, kandils, rangolis, crackers, sweets, gifts and the list goes on…. It has a reason to smile for everyone…

Here’s wishing you all a very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali….

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Inevitable

The Inevitable….

Weather it is for good or it’s for bad but it’s inevitable…. It’s the only thing which is constant…. It’s change…. Be it places, be it traditions, be it people or be it life as a whole, there’s just nothing on this earth which is untouched by this magical word…

Sometimes it is welcomed with a smile and sometimes with a frown, but with time we realize that there was some goodness in the change for sure even if it’s not good in entirety…

Life simply unveils all the changes before us and then leaves it on us to decide if we wish to blend it in our lives like sweetness of sugar or we wish to gulp it down like a pill….

Is it not better to welcome all the changes with open arms and attempt to discover the mysterious beauty that each change goes on to add into your life….

The choice is, has been and will always be yours…..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

When I Would Grow Old

When I Would Grow Old….

As a kid all of us have this urge to grow up as early as possible for end no. of reasons… This reason could be something as wise as becoming a doctor to as weird as becoming superman…. But we all had a reason and so had I….

As always my reason has to be unreal and the weirdest of all….. Since childhood bollywood has been the biggest fascination for me and will always continue to be… I have loved everything about it… That exaggerated entry of hero… That accidental dashing of hero into heroine and then suddenly those winds begin to blow and their goes the background music, hmmmm….. Those rains falling in the month of may when either the hero proposes the heroine or when they part ways… Those stars falling from the sky right at the moment when the hero & heroine want to make a wish and both of them see it at the same time despite being miles apart… Those lavishing houses and wonderful dresses of poor and jobless hero’s…. Those villainous fathers and brothers who are ready to marry their daughter to a pig like looking brat but not apna handsome hero… I mean I have loved all those Raj’s, Rahul’s, Rohan’s, Pooja’s, Priya’s and Anjali’s…..

Now you must have thought that surely I wanted to become an actress when I was a kid… Well wrong guess…. I never wanted to become one… In fact cameras have always scared the wits out of me so much so that you would hardly find me even in any of the family pics or group pics… I would rather choose to step out and click a pic for everyone else dying to be a part of the “Phetograff”…. :P So no chance of even dreaming about it…

Finally here comes my reason…. Because of my love for all this filmy stuff I always wanted to grow up so that I could wrap some lovely sarees and dance around wearing them… Oh I can’t tell you how badly I want to do this once in my lifetime…. Just wear a simple beautiful chiffon saree with lots and lots of colourful bangles and a small silver bindi and then dance around in some grassy field dreaming about my Hero….

You might not believe but one of the reason why I wanted to become a teacher was that as a kid I always thought teachers wear saree’s and I used to always think that my teachers don’t wear that pretty sarees but once I would become one I would buy the best ones in the town….

Yes… This is why I wanted to grow up… To wear a saree and dance my heart out in rains with my Mr. Perfect(whoever he is)…. Though it is super crazy but trust me this is one thing I’m surely gonna do someday…. J J

P.S. :- Wondering why this video?? Because it reminded me of my dream all over again…. Go check it out....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Living my Dream

Living my Dream….

I just can’t tell you how happy and satisfied I’m with my life at this point of time. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store but today is simply beautiful…

Didn’t I mention in one of my previous post that I left my job…. Things had become real tough after that but thankfully as always I allowed my heart to dominate my mind and so I left Mumbai and came back to my home town to accomplish my dream….

And what was this dream… As every girl dreams of becoming a teacher during her school days wearing those beautiful sarees, moving around the class, standing before a bunch of kids, writing elegantly over the board, carrying those piles of papers and colourful pens and what not, so did I wish to become one…. But after getting out of the school this dream changed for every one except for me (see I have always been exceptionalJ)…. I always wanted to start up my own education institute (business blood you see) and after I left my job I thought that may be life wants me to live my dream and so I came back and actually started up my own institute along with my friend. Though it’s in the start up phase, so it demands for a lot of hard work but trust me I’m enjoying every bit of it….

I mean life has become fun…. Every day meeting that cheerful bunch of students coming batch after batch all through out the day…. Chit chatting with them, discussing music, movies, fashion, listening to their love stories, college crushes along with lil bit of studies… And the best part is me being just 23 it becomes very easy for me to mix up with all of them as they all are MBA students so just a year or so younger to me… And some of them took a drop so are actually elder to me…. In fact all most all of them misunderstood me as a new joinee on my 1st day and even I had fun with them before I told them that I’m not a student but their teacher….

You know it’s all so good… It doesn’t even feels like I’m out of my college… Still those birthday celebrations, those cake fights and everything continues… And then there are some real great advantages of being a teacher…. Like recently one of my student gifted me a box of chocolates…. And like a good gal I shared it with my entire class….

And yes with me every thing has to have a filmy element, so being inspired by main hoon na, I actually dress up in those cute salwaar kameez, put a tiny silver bindi, wearing bangles and all of that….

Everything is just superb and I’m enjoying it to the core… Its like getting money for pleasing myself and than the felling of being your own boss is simply unmatchable… I don’t think life can ever get better than this for any one…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My first 120

My First 120……

September 19th 2010…. Anything special about this date…. No… May be not for you but given a chance this would be one date I would love to write in golden letters… Now why is that… That’s coz on this day one of my wish from my wish list (which is indeed a very long list) came true…

Crazy has always been the right word to describe me… But when it comes to driving I’m super crazzzzyyyyy….. A long drive has always been a turn on for me… I simply enjoy the feel of being on the driver’s seat (in fact I have always considered the option of becoming a driver seriously… J). Since the first day of my car driving classes when I was supposed to be driving at a speed of 10 -15 I wanted to take that speedometer’s needle beyond that glorious number 100… I was a very quick learner during my driving lessons. In fact I finished my classes before the course duration… It has been some one and a half year or more since I learnt driving and since then I have been enjoying my heart out playing around with the staring wheel and it has been simply fun but the crowded roads and irritating traffic never allowed me to pull my speedometer’s needle beyond 80 and this used to make my heart ache like hell…

But as said by apna Gr8 SRK “Itni shiddad se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki sazish ki hai. Kehte hain ki agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puri kaynath usko tumse milane ki koshish main lag jaati hai….” And so did happen with me…

This Sunday that’s Sept 19th, dad planned a trip to ujjain and he even hired a driver who was supposed to drive us to & fro…. But then smooth roads, greenery all around, great foot tapping music and a superb highway and there my hands went itching… That was it… I asked the drive to stop right away and get down … Wasting no time I took control over the driver’s seat and the driver was actually sitting next to me with mom, dad and piyush sitting on the back seat, looking at me with astonishment first and then smiling over my stupidity…

So here we go… I just could not stop my feet pressing the accelerator hard… 80 crossed in the very first minute… 90, 95 and 100… YAY… Yup finally the needle touched that 100 which had always seemed so much beyond my reach… But greedy me… I wanted to go faster…. I wanted to simply fly… So I went on to increase the speed and it even crossed 120…. Isn’t it great but just then my dad remembered that he is not supposed to just enjoy the lovely ride rather he should be scolding me for driving so fast… So finally he decided to tell me to slow down but he just could not manage to scold (he always fails to do that, somehow my dad can never scold me, though he screw’s piyush big time)…. In fact every one was quite impressed by my driving…

Trust me when I crossed that bar of 100 it felt like I had captured the world for myself… Those roaring winds kissing your face…. Oh, it feels awesome… I was so excited and just then I decided that I would surely post it on my blog so that I can always remember this special date…

Hey if are you still wondering what was the driver doing all this while, then just to tell you, he was sitting next to me, enjoying the ride… He was more then happy and said he had never had such a trip before… See, I made the day unforgettable for him too…

Friday, September 17, 2010

She and Him

She And Him – A True Story….

It was 11:38 in the night… There she was lying elegantly on her bed, right before her lappy, chatting with her friends on FB… He was standing outside her building trying to get just one look of his princess but nope, she had no plans to get out of her bed…. Finally he decided to climb the pipe and make way to her room from that window… Facing all odds, he managed to reach her window and got into her room silently, standing behind those green n yellow curtains… Even though she was in her night dress, yet she managed to look stunningly beautiful, if not to any one else than at least to him… He could not get his eyes off her face and went on looking at her aimlessly, admiring the flicks of her hair, that innocent smile on her face and those pretty eyes that meant world to him…

Having admired her in silence for a while, finally he decided to come right before her and give her a surprise, supposedly pleasant (At least acc to him again) and so finally he appeared right before her…. She just could not bear with the excitement of him coming before her eyes in the middle of night and so she screamed her heart out, so loud as much as it made the neighbours flower pot break into pieces… And there she was jumping all around the room, from one bed to another and he kept following her wherever she went dying to get close to her and finally he managed to kiss her feet which actually made current flow through her body…

That was it… She could not bear it further and so she began to cry loudly asking her roomies to shuuuu him away using that broomstick placed outside her room….. ohhh, did you read shuuu him away… Broomstick… But why??? He has been such a sweetheart, isn’t it…?? Then why this violence…. Because he is a Cockroach… Hmmphh…

Yeh that’s right (I know you hate me for this)… By far you had been reading the story of my roomy and her encounter with a cockroach… The havoc that she had created in our room…. Can’t even attempt to put it into words…

I just don’t understand why do people (especially gals) create a scene looking at a cockroach or any insect for that matter…. They are simple, tiny harmless creatures… Agreed you can’t tame them at your place and you never get that mushy feeling looking at them (trust me even I don’t love them, after all I’m still normal even if you find it hard to believe J), but you surely can lift them up respectfully and show them the way out… That’s that… It doesn’t requires to go beyond that… All this screaming, jumping and drama is so not needed…

And then when I was narrating this incidence to one of my friend, he said that’s so cute of her and could have turned into such a romantic moment with a guy around... And that he had always wished his gal to be that way (Sometime guys can act soo strange, they want their gal to act stupidly and then would go around cribbing how silly she is)… And then to add to it he even said that I won’t understand this coz I’m not a gal… Now can you believe that just b’coz I don’t go around screaming seeing those silly insects and don’t act in that typical “Oh – My – God – I’m – So – Scared” manner I’m even denied of being a gal… What a criteria for judging a Girl… And imagine romancing with an excuse of Cockroach… I mean, get a life dude… There can surely be better reasons for everything… God bless his Would – Be and hopefully she jumps around looking at the insects :D :D :D… Silly….

P.S. – Please ignore this post, and consider it as an out come being jobless and absolute boredom

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Make a wish

Make A Wish….

Lighting candles before god, looking at the sky for hours waiting for that one star to fall for you, tying those religious threads on sacred walls, blowing candles fixed on your birthday cake, throwing coins in those wish wells and what not… We all have wishes and our unique way of making a wish and believe that someone is listening it all….

But what if you just utter something out of your mouth and the next second you have it right before your eyes… Sounds great… Just think doesn’t it actually happens sometimes…. And what happens then… First reaction – Surprised, Second reaction – Delighted and the Third reaction – REGRET… Yup, you got that right…

Yesterday our building had organized this buffet dinner for all the residents of the building but owing to my laziness I was in no mood to change my dirty Tee n messed up lower and get presentable if nothing more (God, plz help me act a bit girly, if nothing more)… So I decided to stay back n cook my self a Paratha after a while, though I was dying to enjoy the feast… While all my roomies were down enjoying the dinner, there I was, shuffling the useless TV channels and then I just muttered those words out of my mouth “Wish the Plate filled with all that great stuff could come right before me without moving my ass”… The next moment the door bell rang and what do I see….

One of my roomy had come back from the feast and managed to escape a plate for me from their… Aah…. You should have seen that smile on my face (Good food has anyways always been a turn on for me…) Believe me I was more then surprised to see it.. I mean I just muttered it not even a minute back and here I have a nicely served plate filled with whatever you can think of right before me… My next reaction was absolute delight…. I wanted to do nothing but enjoy the meal and suddenly the moment I sat down to relish it, a thought crossed my mind “Wish I had Wished for IT”… I mean, What if I had Wished for Something else… Something like A new job (as being unemployed sucks) or even better my dream business or the next thought was what if I had asked for my dream house or even better what if I had wished to have Armaan in my life (Silly that I’m, why am I madly in love with a TV serial character)… And with all these thoughts going on in my mind I could feel the regret spreading over my face that there was so much I could have asked for in that moment as if that was a golden chance gifted to me and I missed on it Big Time….

But my weirdo mind didn’t stop just here and it continued popping up questions… Can’t it be a mere co-incidence… Quite a possibility but my heart refused to believe… My heart almost screamed that it was a “Make – A –Wish – Moment” exclusively for me (Kiddish to the core but kya karien, Dil toh Bachha Hai Ji)… And then came another question what if I would have wished for anything else that I mentioned above.. The so called Bigger or a Better wish… There came an answer again from my stupid heart, that it would not have been the same… And I realize how true that was…

If I would have wished for anything else it would have surely not come before me right away but would have taken some time… I mean be it a Job or Business or that dream house, if I would have wished for any of them it would have come to me only after sometime and not right away and then may be it would not have felt so magical as I just felt..

So finally I was totally satisfied with all my answers, believing that for the moment this was the best thing I could have asked for, as nothing comes before Delicious Food… And there I was lying on my couch in my dirty clothes relishing every bite with my cheeks all stuffed, enjoying the moment like a Kid, Thanking my Magic Man for making my wish come True…..

P.S. – It’s extremely important to find happiness in whatever you have coz nothing else makes life beautiful….

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Ain't Difficult

It’s Ain’t That Difficult…

I have been really wanting to write this post since long but guess what I’m unable to decide how to start…

Well recently not just one but two completely different guys in different situations told me the same thing while I was talking to them about completely different topics… And what did they say… “Being a Girl is Anyways Difficult, Isn’t it”… And my answer to them was obviously no….

I just don’t understand why women are always thought of as Bechari – Dukhiyari types… Well hello guys…. Times have changed… We are confident and independent today just as much as any of those men….

In fact I have always felt that being a girl is better then being a guy… Against the conventional thought, I personally feel that being a girl brings with it a great sense of independence and freedom… Wondering how… Don’t worry, I’ll make it simple for you… Look at the guys around…. They look so cool, free and chilled out, Right…. But then don’t just go by the looks, looks can be deceiving… Especially when it comes to guys… Get into the depth of it and you would find that life is real difficult for them… They have this responsibility or rather an obligation to make their career and prove a point which in turn is just a matter of choice for us girls… If we want we can choose to work and if not then we have all the freedom to make our men work hard for us and we can go making merry out of their hard earned money (What a brat I’m…. look at that smile on your face with so much of consensus… hehe..)

I have always enjoyed every bit of feminism and really considered myself luckier then any guy… My parents have loved me more than Piyush despite him being their younger kid… I have always been pampered to the core (Thanks a tonne to my mom n dad for that) …. I have always studied in a co – ed sys and have actually performed better then a lot of guys… I see myself more confident than any men, in fact I have seen that when it comes to talking sense then there are women who can actually leave aside all those jerks trying to dominate…

And now as far as your question goes… Is being a girl difficult… Then my answer for this one is a big NOOOOO… Being a girl is in no way difficult… Rather for me being a girl is being independent, being free, being beautiful, being confident, being caring to the core, being symbolic to love, being giving selflessly like no other specie on this earth, being naughty, being bubbly, being a symbol of prosperity, being powerful, being a creator, being someone’s support system… In short being a girl is Simply Fun….

I’m sure I’ll have some guys felling jealous after reading this one… That’s how it is… N anyways making someone jealous is so much fun… I love to see that look on anyone’s face…

P.S. – on a serious note, it’s not about being a girl or a guy but it’s all about being You and celebrating yourself...

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Other End

The Other End…

Being jobless makes you a philosopher… These days I keep coming up with new philosophies and I guess if I don’t find a job soon enough then I would end up writing a book for my self… :p Anyways here is one of my newly developed philosophy…

Good – Bad, Right – Wrong, Beautiful – Ugly, Intelligent – Stupid, Rich – Poor, Outgoing – Shy, Courageous – Coward, Success – Failure, Strong – Weak, High – Low, Modern – Traditional and what not..

We all have the tendency to categorize life into one of the two extremes… Either something is good or if it’s not good then its bad… Don’t we all do it very frequently… And being a scorpion I do it all the more coz we are scorpions are extremists by birth…

But recently I felt as if there isn’t the other end of an extreme… It’s just that a few people are good and the others are not so good but no one is bad as every one has something or the other good in him… If something is not right according to you does not means that its wrong, may be what you consider wrong is perfect from somebody’s else’s perception… If someone is not strong enough to fight frequently does not means he’s weak... (And I personally feel that no one on this earth is weak… Bas kuch logon ko ungli karne ki zarurat hoti, isliye never underestimate anyone)… If someone is not Einstein does not means that he’s dumb.. Its just that a few people are more intelligent then others but no one is an absolute dumb….

So you see there isn’t any other end to the Extreme…. Hey wait a minute… If you think that having realized this, I would stop being an extremist then sorry to disappoint you but I’m a hard core scorpion and can not do much about it… After all I have developed this philosophy just recently but I have been scorpion by birth…..