Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sensible Me Vs. The Non-Sensible Me

The Sensible Me Vs. The Non-Sensible Me

We all face this question at some or the other point of time in our lives for once at least… It can be at an interview for seeking admission into some college or for getting a job in some renowned company or if not anywhere else then you are bound to face this question while your parents decide to get you permanently placed with someone…..

Well the question that I’m talking about is “Tell me something about you?” or “Describe yourself” or may be put up in some other flashy way to make it sound a bit different…. But the point is that no matter how hard we try to avoid this question we are bound to face it…. Sooner or later…

Well as far as I’m concerned I have already faced this question twice (and I’m yet to face it for one more time I guess). Once when I appeared for an interview to get an admission into a B-School and the other time when I appeared for an interview for Nomura…. Thankfully both the times I was able to manage an answer good enough to fool the experts sitting on the other side, and I can very well say this with a lot of confidence because both the times I got through…. (Thank god I did…) and trust me it’s not at all difficult… We all are simply brilliant in cooking up stories and to top it all we are experts in making them sound real too….

But then I know and we all know that whatever answer we give to others is all crap and its kind of fine…. After all we are not expected to become the saint’s of tomorrow…. Not necessary that we always speak the truth….

This is all ok, but today something within me asked this question “Describe yourself to yourself” and this time I had no option but to be honest and it was then that I realised that this question is a real tough one and that fooling others is so simple but fooling yourself… It’s impossible… (Give it a shot if u don’t trust me)

While finding an answer to this question I realized that though we all answer this question differently but then at the end of the day the actual answer remains same for all of us….

Well the answer is that each one of us has got two entities within our self and I named them “The Sensible Me” and “The Non-Sensible Me”….

The Sensible Me is more rational, intelligent, sagacious, reasonable and practical. It seeks for a logic behind everything. While the Non-Sensible Me is more foolish, idiotic, illogical or irrational….

“The Wisest of all and the weirdest of all, both reside in you together”….. It’s just that in different situations one of your entities tends to dominate the other and this is the only thing that distinguishes one person from the other….

We often go through this… Well I’m talking about a conflict within our self which we call as a conflict between our mind and heart or internal dilemma…. This is something which happens when your sensible me and the non-sensible me enter into a fight…. (Just for your information, in my case mostly the non-sensible me tends to dominate)

One more thing, many times people say “Describe your self in one word”… Well for everyone else my answer is always the same “Confident” but the honest answer to this one is Psycho…

Yup… I very strongly feel that “Everyone is a psycho” and there’s nothing like a normal person…. The only differentiating factor is that some are bigger psychos and some comparatively less… The one’s comparatively less are tagged as Normal….

So next time when you come across this question just think once before answering…..

And just in case if you are wondering how this question striked my mind all of sudden..??? Well the answer is these days the placement season is on in college and a lot of “Describe your self’s” being asked all around…..

P.S.:- By the way did you notice the pic in the beginning of the post…. That’s how I exactly describe myself in real sense….