Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tribute

A Tribute….

Oh god, I just don’t know where to start from… Well I have always followed this rule of “Whenever in confusion, Start from the start” and so I thought I would start from the beginning….

I still remember when I finished my graduation all I had with me was a mark sheet with meritorious scores and totally messed up CAT scores and some calls from useless B-Schools for MBA…. I was really confused then and so as a last option I appeared for the local CET with not too many hopes or expectations as all the entrance exams require you to be good at maths and I’m a Born Duffer as far as maths is concerned (But trust me its not my fault at all, I have inherited it from my mom… So you see I’m just keeping the family tradition like an idol daughter)

Well to my surprise I scored really well in the entrance exam (me and my family are still trying to find out how did this miracle happen…. May be system error). Owing to a good score I made it to the best MBA College of the state…. Gauche, that day it seemed I had conquered something….

With lots of dreams in eyes, a big bag of expectations in heart and an ambition of making it big in life, I stepped into my college on its first day…. But then within the very first half an hour I got to taste the reality…. Yes the best of the state was not so best, in fact not even good enough…. A poor infrastructure, bear minimum at its worst in name of basic facilities, a 100 year old study material (may be to add an element of history in every thing) faculties over and above my intellect (remember I’m just trying to be polite) and every thing good enough to shatter my expectations… But then my dreams and ambition were still intact (thanks to my mom, who has taught me not to give up ever… Come What May….)

Gradually I lost all my hopes from this college and within the 1st month of my college I was so very sure that this place had nothing to offer me… From the very beginning I waited for the two years of my MBA to get over… But today I know how wrong I was then…. With just two months left for my college to get over, I know how much I’m gonna miss this place… Just in the next two months our old, dented building would no longer be ours… The mere thought brings tears into my eyes….

Today I can’t tell you how happy I’ am on being proved wrong… Yes, I’m actually glad to say this that my college has given me some things which no other place in this world could have given me ….

Firstly it was hear that I learnt to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, devil and angel or whatever you wanna call it….

Next I got to look at life from a different angel… Actually I was a very studious gal during the days of my graduation and having a tag of gold medallist along with my name seemed to be my ultimate dream then…. By the end of graduation I even had it the way I wanted it to be but still I was not getting the ultimate feeling of joy and it was then that I decided that during my PG I would make it a point that I don’t top in any of the semesters rather I would try to look at the other facets of life too apart from marks and grades…. I kept the resolution and in my PG I did every thing else too apart from studies… Thankfully I managed to maintain a decent pointer and I learnt to enjoy life (like going out with friends and all)….

My college also gave me the stepping stone to move towards my dream of making it big in life…. Yes I got placed in one of the best company that had come to our college for campus recruitment and the best part is that they placed me in Mumbai, the place where I always wanted to go….. And even better, Nicky also got placed in the same company (Trust me as far as placement is concerned I couldn’t have asked for more from my college)

This college gave me chance to meet some wonderful people like Sai, Gautum and Varun… Well I haven’t known them for too long but then I can surely say that they are good….

And finally its time to make mention of two very special people whom I met here and now they are an inseparable part of my life…. I really owe my college for this one… My college gave me my best friend Nicky and an elder brother Amit …..

Let’s start with Amit… Well I always wanted an elder brother but technically after my birth it wasn’t possible, but then all I can say is that in the world of emotions all logic and technicalities loose their relevance….. And so I found my elder bro here… Amit has truly been a great support… Within the first 15 days of our college we became friends and before even finishing one month in the college he was my bro… Elder bro…. (Elder by one and a half month but elder… that’s what is important according to him) Trust me it seems that we were lost in some kumbh ka mela 20 years back and hear we meet again… I mean there are so many similarities between the two of us… To begin with both of us have pathetic hand writing and only the heaven ruler can come down to read it, then we both love bhindi (in fact we both love Food), we both are short heighted, we both dislike the same set of people and the list is endless…. Amit has really been a great support all through out, he has always stood by my side in both the best ant the worst of times… He has really fulfilled my dream of having an elder brother… I would never be able to thank him enough for this…. I love my bro….

Finally Nicky, its your turn… I just don’t know what to say about this gal… A spiritual guru, a philosopher, an excellent writer, the fat beauty, a true food lover, a caring sister, a good daughter, a creative soul, a wonderful friend or some thing beyond all this… I just don’t have the right words for this gal…. Trust me it might sound exaggerated but its all true… She is amongst one of the most wonderful people I have met and I would never be able to thank my college enough for this… From the very first time we met, something really clicked and gradually we began to stay together for most of the time we were in college… From just a good friend she became something even over and above a best friend… I can really share my heart out with her… We have not just talked about our secrets but we talk about the weirdest of things like dreaming about a mouse and it turning into a cat…. Hehehe…. No place seems boring when the two of us are together… As individuals we are totally different… This gal is one most peaceful person on this earth… Had Gandhi ji been, alive he would have definitely adopted her…. With Nicky I have actually learnt to look at things differently and I really enjoy being with her… Off course she is not perfect and some of her habits really annoy me like hell… For instance her habit of always being prepared with an excuse…. But then at the end of the day she’s good, she is my friend and I love her too…

Wondering why I wrote such a long post for this… The reason is simple… Expression…..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day…..

14th February…. The day of love….. Today people across the world express their feelings towards their loved ones, So I thought why not me, and so this post of mine is dedicated to everything that I’m madly in love with…..

Well to top the list is my mom… I really love her the most in this world and more then that I really owe her for making me as ME and I know that I can never do enough for everything that she has done for me and she would always have an upper hand in everything….

After my mom n the immediate family, comes my friends… Well I’m not at all a guddie good kind of a person. In fact at times I can get pretty rude, arrogant, egoistic and what not and so I don’t have too many friends… Since childhood I have been able to make just 6 very good friends right from school till college and I made a couple of friends during my training too but I wont count them in the real close ones so they are not included in these special 6… It’s true that I have very few friends but then if needed I can even give away my life for them… They and their opinion really matters at every point of my life….

Next one that drives me absolutely crazy is Chocolates and ice creams and in fact anything and everything in chocolate… Yup you got that right… I’m madly in love with chocolates and ice creams. Even if I’m in the worst of my moods they can turn me on and possibly if you see me eating chocolate or a choco chip ice cream for that matter when I’m all alone you might end up rubbing your eyes a thousands of times b’coz I go on to eat or rather lick them up like anything coz I believe that they are meant to be eaten up in the most relishing manner or it would be their insult and so if I eat a chocolate or choco ice cream its hard to find any signs of chocolate on the wrapper in any way…. After all we should not waste any eatables… Remember….

One man that I’m madly in love with is Dr. Armaan Malik from the serial Dill Mill Gayye being played by Karan Singh Grover…. I have to say that I don’t love Karan…. After all I don’t even know him but them I love Armaan… I know it sounds a bit confusing… Well it’s like I don’t love Karan but I love the character being played by him which is Armaan… I simply like everything about Armaan, his looks, the way he cares for Riddhima (his lady love in the show), the way he teases her, the way he plays with his naughty eyes, the way he fights out the world for his love, and just every bit about him….. Hard luck na… I love a man who actually doesn’t exists… But it’s ok.. I’m sure someone even more romantic then Armaan must be waiting for me somewhere and I would find him soon enough…

I even love small kiddos like anything… You just need to look into their innocent eyes and you can see all your worries flying away… I simply love to listen to their all non-sense talk because they have the power to make the most nonsensical thing the cutest of all… I enjoy playing with the kids like anything and that’s the only place where I love to loose… You know what I really wish to become a nursery teacher someday after giving a good shape to my carer….

Another thing that rejenvates me every time is rains… I simply love to get drenched in the rains like anything… That’s truly an ultimate feeing…. I have always believed that rains are like the blessing of gods being showered from the skies or its god’s way of asking you to re-celebrate your life and trust me every time it rains I enjoy them to the fullest even if I get scolded by mom and end up catching cold for the days to come…. There’s simply nothing that can stop me from dancing around in the rains…

I even love cats like anything and I personally feel that they are the god’s sexiest creation in any and every way…. Look into their eyes, simply killing man and their sweet voice… Meeeeoooooowww…..Everything about them is no less then superb…. I really wish to become a cat in my next life, and for now I have already decided that once I have my own house totally on my own then the first thing I would do is getting my first cat in my home (coz my mom doesn’t allows me to bring a cat in our home as she thinkss that I’m alone enough to create all the destructions in the house) and I would name her Maggiee… And trust me she would not be my cat but my sweet little daughter… I would love her like anything…..

I also find books to interest me… Of course more of the fiction ones… Trust me if I happen to like a book then I can eat it up like anything… I think books, if good can turn the most boring day a pleasurable treat…..

One thing that can bring a simle on my face any time is Karnesians…. They are a kind of flower and I find them distinguishingly beautiful… Even more then the roses which the majority considers to be simply the best…

Another thing that really pleases me is watching cartoonz…. I know that I’ m too old to watch cartoons now but then I hardly care… They are so much of fun… When it comes to cartoons the list is endless…. I like Tom n Jerry, Shinchan, Popeye, Alladin, Duck Tales, Tales pin, Gummy Bears, The little mermaids, Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Daizy, Pluto, The Goof Trop and the list goes on…..

Apart from these I also love small things like colours, bubbles, music, and so on…..

These were a few of things that I’m in love with…. The only reason why I felt writing about them is that I very strongly believe that everything special and important in your life needs to be acknowledged… Feelings are always the most important but their expression is equally important….

Express your heart out in any way you feel like… For me, it’s very difficult to speak up what I feel for anything but I put my heart out on a piece of people very easily… So it’s not important how you do it but it’s really important that you express your love… And one more thing, never wait for anything as stupid as Valentine’s Day… Just go out and express your self any day you feel like…. There is no perfect day to express your love but the way you express it makes everything perfect….

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Name Is Khan

My Name Is KHAN

Superb, Fantastic, Mind blowing, Fantabulous, Supercalifragalisticexpialidotious….. These all are the words that came to my mind when I walked out of the movie hall after watching MNIK.

The movie was simply a treat to my eyes…. Just don’t know where to start from…

Well the movie is about a guy called Rizvan Khan being played by the man himself i.e. Shahrukh Khan who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome i.e. Autism because of which he finds it difficult to interact with people or express his emotions, however he very well understands the emotions and feelings and manages to express them in his own strange yet sweet way. He moves to USA after the death of his mother to stay with his brother where he falls in love with Mandira (Kajol) who is lively, fun loving and at the same time independent and a lady with a strong character who is staying in San Francisco with her 6 year old son named sameer aka Sam out of a failed marriage….

The movie has a small angel of a love story which is different from a typical SRK romantic flick…. The two fall in love with each other gradually and ultimately get married. There life moves smoothly until the terrorist attack of 9/11, which changes their life completely and everyone in US begins to suspect them as terrorist just because their surname is Khan… During all these hassles going on in their life they end up losing their son Sam in a racist attack.

The pain of losing her son turns Mandira mad on Rizvan and she begins to hold Rizvan responsible for Sam’s death and begins to believe that she would have never lost her son if she wouldn’t have married Rizvan and become a Khan…

Ultimately Mandira decides to break her marriage with Rizvan, however Rizvan being madly in love with Mandira convinces her that he would do anything to keep their relationship alive and here the story takes a turn of 360 degrees….

Mandira puts forward a condition before Rizvan that they can not stay together unless he meets the president and tell’s him “My name is KHAN and I’m not a terrorist”….

Rizvan, just to save his relationship sets out for an extraordinary journey to meet the president of USA without asking any questions to Mandira….

This journey poses a number of challenges before him and was not easy in any way. But Rizvan was a man of determination and courage and refuses to give up before any circumstances come what may…

He moves from one state to another of USA to meet up president for once… He meets out all the obstacles, crosses all the stumbling blocksand ultimately manages to meet the president and wins the love of Mandira back into his life…. Also on his way of journey to the president he helps out the needy people and tries to mitigate their pain in the best way he could and spreads a message of peace and humanity throughout the world….

The story had just everything in it to make it a must watch… A fresh love story, a social message, awareness about Autism and what not… The movie had a perfect theme, an excellent cast, superb direction, just 3 songs totally situational and stupendous performance by Shahrukh… The rest of the cast has also done justice to their roles…

The movie has been successful in putting forward the message it want’s to… The message given by the movie is that their should not be any discrimination based on cast or colour and that there is only one way to categorize people and that is on the basis of their goodness….

Rizvan spreads out the message across the world that there are only two types of people in this world… The good ones and the bad ones… There are no good Hindus and bad Hindus or good Muslims and bad Muslims or anything for that matter but there are only good humans and bad humans… That’s it…

The whole idea has been put forward very beautifully through this heart touching movie… Some of the scenes have been shoot excellently and they manage to force you to put your thinking cap for once and give a thought to these aspects of life…

Shahrukh has been just excellent in his role and succeeds to strike a chord in your heart… He has portrayed the fatherly emotions very beautifully. At some points I could literally feel the tears rolling down my cheeks but could do nothing to stop them… I have always loved shahrukh as an actor but now I really respect him as an actor… He has been able to change the image of a chocolaty boy which he has been carrying or years and years… He has done full justice to his role….

The movie was a great piece of cinema… The first half of the movie seemed to be a bit stretched but the second half of it compensates for every thing….

Some of my friends did not like the movie….

All I can say is that the movie is no way a typical bollywood masala… You would not find any nonsense or any flashy item numbers or any funny fillers but trust me if you really wish to see some real good cinema then go and watch out for My Name Is KHAN…..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free From Bars

Free From Bars….

Just stop for a minute and look around your self…. What do you see???

I’ll tell you what I saw… I saw a lot of restrictions around me… And trust me once you are done reading this even you would realize the number of restrictions you are put to every day…

We all keep saying every now and then that now we have crossed the age of 18 and now we are free to do whatever we feel like… But then seriously give it a thought that is it really true? Are we actually free??? Well honestly not…

We all are always put to certain restrictions all the time in everything that we do… We say that we have a freedom of speech but is it not true that despite of having this freedom we are forced to lie a lot of times and I guess that no body is a liar by choice but we end up lying because we were restricted from speaking the truth because of certain circumstances….

This was just one of the restrictions that we face… There are end number of other similar restrictions we are forced to follow… We have to follow certain rules in each and everything whether we like it or not… There are rules to walk on the street, rules to put your opinion before people, rules to fight, rules to laugh, and rules for every other thing that you can think of….

Now that we know that we are actually not free, so then who is free???? Who is the one allowed to do any thing and everything of his liking….? Who is so lucky???

Well the luckiest on this earth are the kids…. Truly blessed by the God….I genuinely feel that kids are free from all the tensions and worries of life… There are simply no rules for the tiny tots… They can freely jump around, hop around, loiter in the sands, run around on the grass, laugh there heart out, cry out all there pains and what not…

We say that as we grow up, we learn to speak… It’s true but then contrary to what should happen as we grow and learn to speak it becomes all the more to express your heart out….

I know that now we all have grown up and those golden days of our childhood can never be back but then we must also remember that there is a kid inside each one of us… Just pamper the kiddo within you, if not always at least some times…. Try it, You would definitely feel liberated… And believe me it is not bad at all to be childish… Being matured has got nothing to do with being serious… I really don’t know about others but then I can get really childish at times (those who know me are gonna agree to this one like anything) and trust me I have no plans to grow up in the coming years…

So the next time whenever the worries of your life surmount you try spending some times with the kids… Look into their innocent eyes, listen to their stupid and yet sweet talk in their Tutlati hui Awaaz, play around with them, eat out chocolates with them messing your hands and mouth too, try licking an ice-cream carelessly, getting drenched dancing in the rains or whatever you feel like and trust me you would feel as if you have been freed from the bars of all the restrictions that life has posed before you…

Pamper The Kid In YOU….!

World's Most Boring Place

The World’s Most Boring Place

Ever given it a thought what makes a place boring or interesting......??? Hardly matters whether you have or haven’t because by the time you would end up reading this one, you would definitely agree to what I’ve got to say and possibly would even sympathize with me and I’m sure some of you would want to actually come and lend me your shoulder so that I can shed a couple of tears and lighten up my soul a bit.....

Well first things first........ It’s really very easy to identify a boring place...... Dropping n heavy eyes, hands trying to cover face to hide a yawn..... N what not.......

What interests one person might be hell boring for another one... I know it’s really obvious but then just felt like restating it....... While writing this article I asked a lot of my friends as to which place do they find to be the most boring n I got a number of interesting answers…. One of my friend said that according to him the most boring place is a movie hall when the movie is hell boring and he’s all alone, according to my cousin it’s a classroom, another friend of mine said its standing on a traffic signal waiting for the light to turn green, one of them said it’s the bathroom (well I don really agree to this one coz personally I believe that this is the place where the brightest of all ideas take shape, but then I’m open to all opinions) and last but not the least two of my friend said that no place in this world is boring and each place has its own charm…. Well for them all I can say is you will definitely have to reframe your opinion once you are done reading this note of mine……

Well I have realized that there is one such place which is boring for each n every person under the sun.... I’m sure some people would say that they really don’t find this place boring but then all I can say about them is that they are big time liars n losers too........

I know you might have started boiling and would be wanting to know that after all which place am I talking about n where d hell in this world is it situated….. Well this place is existent in almost each in every city of the world n if you haven’t guessed it yet then I’m talking about “Finance Class”

Yes you got that right…. I know I know being a finance major student how can I even dare to say that but then this is the ultimate truth no matter what….

We have classes of minors n core from mon to wed n from thu to sat we have the major classes n trust me I just cant even attempt to explain you that coz of this very reason how much have I begun to hate thu, fri n sat (though sat happens to be my favorite day in the week as I’m a sat born)

Ever attended or even peeped into a class in which a hard core finance lecture is going on…..? If yes then you would be able relate really well with whatever I’m gonna describe now and if not then come I’ll take you on a trip to a finance class (I know that sounds really pathetic. I have written it as if I would be taking you to a trip to heaven. But then give me a chance n I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible)

A finance class – you would find a bunch of studious n worlds most serious looking faces over here n the worst part is though these guys are already very serious looking kinds still they put in efforts to look all the more serious and guess what they end up looking big time losers…….. Then you have a villain of the class…. Yes yes you are going on the right track n you got that absolutely right…. I’m talking about the teacher….. Trust me man these finance teachers are no less then villains who try their level best to convince you that you are the biggest “duffers” the universe has ever witnessed…..Their mere entry into the class can turn your glowing n smiling face into a rotten apple (I know that sounds pathetic but then that’s how it is….. sorry guys really cant help it) n then this chap would come into the class utter some non-sense which none of the warriors of the class can make out…. Trust me they use such heavy words that you feel as if somebody is throwing stones or rather I must say the whole mountain or even better the Mt. Everest on you n then all that you can do is try try n keeping trying to get at least a word out of that garbage….. And in the end all your efforts go in vain…. You can never be a winner in this game and possibly this is the only movie wherein right from beginning till the end it’s the hero who losses and villains are the ultimate winners….

I must really appreciate one thing about these finance teachers – “They are masters in the art of converting the simplest of things into the must complicated of all” (trust me if a finance guy happens to read this he would even be wanting to argue whether this is an art or a science… that’s how the finance people are…. You just can do nothing about them) I mean there are no concepts which can’t be explained using simple language but then the finance teachers…. They seek an inexplicable pleasure in using the finance Jargons which sound like name of some aliens….. N then when you are not able to understand those heavy words (acc to them the finance terminology) they seek super pleasure in insulting you in front of hundred n ten people…. Making you realize that you are the biggest mistake your parents ever committed n guess what you actually begin to feel like rushing back home n give a good bashing to your parents for making this blunder…….

So the next time onward even if you get the head not tail of whatever is going on in the class you just don’t dare to open your mouth n all you do is silently curse the man standing before you, trying his level best to convert you into a patient of brain tumor….

Another thing that the finance guys learn really well in the two years jail they are put to is that they know how to keep a flat face n show that they are getting every bit of what the other person is puttering no matter they are actually feeling like the Eshaan Avasthi of Taare Zameen Par. They keep moving their head in consensus after every few minutes to show that they are able to understand every thing that’s being taught… Sometimes you would find that they are moving their head even if you ask them a question or even when they are outside the class…. Poor souls they develop this habit so badly that they just cant help it……

Another thing which you get to notice in a finance class is no matter whenever you peep in the class, be it the beginning or the ending of a lecture you will always find someone or the other looking into his/ her watch or cell phone in a manner that the devil standing before him doesn’t comes to know that you are checking the time coz according to them its their insult..… I can say all this with a lot confidence because even I’m a finance gal (I know, but cant help it) and even I have developed this habit of looking into my watch every now n then and if you really have a heart to believe then I even sleep with my watch stuck in my hands….. So you know Whether or not you become a good finance manager sitting in a finance class but you definitely become an expert in killing time in these two years……

One thing that I got to notice about the finance guys is that at the end of two years we either end up having an unshakeable faith in god that no matter how ruthless the villain standing before us is, but some how we would manage to survive or we end up losing faith in god completely believing that he has left helplessly before these jailors and Hitlers of our lives for two years to mess up the most beautiful years of our life without being considerate enough…..

This was just a trailer of what I’m put to everyday n not just me but each n every finance student but then can’t help…. All this is a part of game and if we happen to look at the positive side of it doesn’t matters that by the end of two years how good a finance manager we are but then we definitely become very good actors who are able to hide their true emotions and fake a very intellectual expression and then we become rock solid as human beings and can take up hours n hours of insult and humiliation without being even slightly affected and the list goes on……

Now that I’ve almost come to an end I hope I have been able to do justice to the description of the world’s most boring place in the most interesting manner possible…….

“In the fond memories of the young souls ruining their lives in the financial concentration camp”

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Real Expressions...

The Real Expressions.....!

Roses, chocolates, a romantic movie and a candle light dinner in a five star restaurant and a long drive to top it all....

Doesn’t that sounds like a perfect way of expressing your love for someone.... We have seen it in the movies, heard of it from many and what not and every time we see or listen up to such things they always seem to sound just so perfect..... Every girl or at least almost every girl wishes this to happen with her and since this is not a real tough task, most of the guys actually do it for there Gal to make them feel happy and all the more importantly special.....

For years I had been believing that this is just the perfect way of expressing your love for someone but just a couple of days back this changed and I realized that this is aint the perfect way of expressing your Love for your special someone

Oh wait a second.... Before your mind begins to run at a super speed of 10000 ideas per pecko second (that’s even smaller then a nano second) let me tell you that no one has proposed me or something like that.....

Coming back to the point.... So then what is the perfect way of expressing your love for someone.....???? Had someone asked me this question I’m sure I would have never been able to answer this question so beautifully as I can do it today.....

Well to be honest there is just no perfect way of expressing your love for someone... what makes everything perfect is the feeling with which your partner does everything for you.....

You must be wondering how can I say this so confidently.... But then I really can and by the time you would finish reading this one I can bet you just can not give it a thought to disagree with me.....

Actually what happened is that since a couple of days I had been noticing a few couples (doesn’t that sounds quite coupleistic, jokes apart) and I saw that each one of them had their own way of way expressing their love for their soul mates and each one being unique.....

Let me begin with my mom n dad as I found that there way was the weirdest of all n yet the cutest of all (I know this sounds damn partial but remember I had told by the end you are gonna to agree to every word of it) First I’ll tell you about my mom following the golden rule of ladies first... Her way of expressing her love for my dad is really simple just like any other ideal Indian wife.... As the saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”....; And my mom seems to be a strong follower of this golden rule.... She cooks awesome food and my dad really loves her for this... This was the cute part.... Now comes the weird part of the story... And for this my dad takes the lead.... You are really gonna find this one funny but in order to express his love, my dad has never gifted a single rose to my mom in the 23 years of their marriage, giving an excuse that my mom herself is a wonderful gardener so giving her a rose would sound like gifting a cycle to dhirubhai ambani (sorry dad couldn’t think of a better example) and so in order to express his love, my dad gets lots and lots of fruits for my mom in kilos (trust me this is not an exaggerated version) as he believes that fruits would keep her fit n healthy n probably as beautiful as ever.... He gets scolded by my mom every now and then for this coz she just doesn’t knows what to do with those kilos n kilos of fruits... She always tell him not to get anything more then half a kilo or Max 1KG but he seems to be madly in love with my mom and I guess believes that more the fruits gifted more deeper is your love....

Another incidence... There is this special type of cucumber sold only in M.P.... Its called “Balam Kakadi”.... And my mom really loves it (Don’t worry, at first it would sound that my dad is a foodie but my mom is a pucka foodie) So just to please my mom, my dad gets this cucumber for her... You would think what is so great about this... Well the great part is that the cucumber he got for her was some two feet long and a real motu one (just like my mom... he he he) and then the excuse he gave was when I saw this one I remembered you... You definitely deserve the biggest and the best..... As always, he got scolded for this one too... But by the end of it all my mom had a cute smile on her face....

Next comes my grand parents.... Well to impress my grandfather and to express her love for him, my grandmom sings for him whenever he is around... And the strange part is that though she actually doesn’t has a very good voice but my grandfather just enjoys her singing like anything... May be this is because his voice is even worse.... Just kidding (My grandparent would kill me if they happen to read this one)

So what does my grandfather does for her... well his story is somewhat similar to my dad or rather I should say that my dad has derived it for him... Basically my grandmom likes anything and I literally mean anything which is sweet... It can be chocolates, mithai or even honey for that matter.... she would always put an extra spoon of sugar in her milk or tea... In short metha is her weakness and my grandfather has caught it right..... I have heard it from my dad that when my grandparents were young my grandfather use to get full 1 pav of mava (an Indian sweet) for my grandmom everyday when he used to come back home.... Mind you everday means everyday without fail... Even if my grandmom used to go to stay to our relatives place for some work then, before going home he would go would make it a point to go and meet her along with a packet of mava.....

Though this continued for years... But this had to stop as now my grandmom has got sugar... But even today, though every one stops him to do so he secretly gets sweets for her and when caught my dad even scolds him a bit because it would spoil my grandmom’s health.... But trust me nothing in this world can stop him from getting sweets for his lady love and for this he’s even ready to fight the world..... (Doesn’t it sounds like food is the only way of expression everything in our family... Funny... Isn’t it. But it is these funny things only which make your relations rock solid strong)

Apart from this I have seen that some guys take their gal shopping and let them free to buy whatever they want to express their love... Some guys even cook for their lady love to make her feel special... And the list goes on.......

So I hope that if not completely I have been able to change your opinion to some extend.....

I have realized that true love requires no flowers or expensive gifts but even the smallest of things do wonders when you are in love.... All you need is to be yourself n He/She is gonna love it like that.... Trust me......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Irony Of Love…...

Love…. Happens to be one of the most exciting topics…. At least amongst our generation…

Don’t worry I would not be attempting to describe or define what luv is… No way… That’s simply not my cup of tea and I would leave it to those great philosophers only who specialize in making even the most nonsensical thing sound the wisest of all…

Basically it’s just that somehow I felt that these days falling in love is just another frequent thing like buying a vegetable… I know this sounds really weird like comparing a captivating thing like love with something as unromantic as vegetables but then it’s ok… After all I know I’m weird, so it’s fine… But still the only reason why I have made such a disharmonized comparison is that I genuinely feel that these days just like our mom purchases vegetables every morning for cooking likewise most of us fall in love in every day…

I know that “New day New Story” is a very good thought and that everyday should be started afresh but then today’s youth seems to be a strong devotee of this exquisite thought… And so everyday they actually move out and start a new story and that too a love story… I know this sounds a bit too rude but then it really happens… And now comes into picture the irony of love….

Well the irony of love is that, we keep falling in love every now and then and every time we fall in love we experience incongruous feelings and so ultimately every time we fall in love we some how end up feeling that we are falling in love for the very first time and that the last time it was just a stupid crush but this time you are hell serious. Possibly this is b’coz every time you fall in love you get to experience feelings that were unexperienced before and the world around you seems completely new altogether I don’t know for the Nth number of time…. Isn’t this beautifully strange and magical too…?

Such is the mystery of this complex and yet the most astounding thing called love that though you have felt it so many times but each time you come across its new shade, its new flavor and every time you are left amazed and simply spell bound by the nuances of love….

The PeRfeCt ImpErfecTionS

The Perfect Imperfections………

Sometimes things around you may not seem right

Sometimes you might not find support 4m the right people

Sometimes you might find everything around you so imperfect

But trust me we are always surrounded by imperfections….

However we tend to ignore them as they are petty negligible

But at times these imperfections become quite blatant

N its then that everything around us begins to seem meaningless

N we, just due to the prevalent circumstances tend to search 4 imperfections inadvertently in everything that surrounds us…..

But believe me I have realized that a perfect life is nothing but a sum total of a number of imperfections……. Which though seem so troublesome to us today, become beautiful memories for tomorrow…… All that we need to do is stop attempting to make things perfect…. Rather what makes a perfect life is “Enjoying The IMPERFCTIONS”

So all I wish for is a perfect life filled with lots n lots of Beautiful N Funny imperfections worth being cherished forever…..

That's So Unfair

That’s Sooooo UnFair……

God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolish, that she might love him

Woman is said to be a Miracle of Divine Creations….. It is believed that women are the masterpiece created by God…..

Yes guys, I think one of the most talked about or written about topic across the world is WoMen….. I’m sure each one of you must have come across an article or a discussion or a debate or some sort of speech or even a book for that matter on woman empowerment, role of woman in society, female rights, education of girl child, female infanticide, feminism, girl power, their charismatic beauty and what not…..

The point that I’m trying to make is that girls have always been given a lot of importance time and now and it is said that they make everything complete….. But ever given it a thought that what completes a girl….? It’s a Man….. Ever noticed, The word WoMan itself is incomplete without Man…..

They say women are god’s most artistic creation and I say that Men are the god’s smartest and wittiest creation….. If women are blessed with the divine beauty then men have been endowed with an unbeatable sense of humor and a superb presence of mind….

I know this sounds really strange and wearied but somehow I have always been fascinated by certain qualities that men posses and which a female will never be able to inculcate in her personality…. For instance the ability to withhold to ones emotion is some thing that only men can do perfectly….

No matter how hard we try but we just can’t beat them in some things…. I don’t know how many of you have noticed this one but then I have observed that girls always need to learn how to drive a vehicle but guys, they just know it by birth and the worst part is even after we learn it we just can not manage to beat these devils….. It’s true that unlike women, men are not good at everything but then we need to concede the fact that they are just perfect and proficient in thing which they know….. You can not beat a Man in his forte for sure….

They are rude, arrogant, rough and what not but then it all ends at one point because no matter how bad they are but we just can’t stop to love them….

People say a woman plays many roles in her life…. Starting from being an adorable daughter, caring sister, supportive friend, loving girlfriend, selfless wife, an obedient daughter in law to a protective and affectionate mother (And I personally feel this is the role which a woman plays best)

Now take up any of these roles and you will find that in each of these roles she is always accompanied by a man to contribute in making her what she is…. If she is an adorable daughter then its not just her mother but her father too who adores her,,,, If she is a caring sister then all her care is actually for her naughty brother,,,, If she is a supportive friend, its because of her friend who supported her in the bad phase of her life,,,, If she is a loving girlfriend, then it can be attributed to her boyfriend who loved her so much and who taught her what actually love is,,,, If she is a selfless wife then its all because of a husband who is ready to sacrifice everything for that smile on her face,,,, If she is an obedient daughter in law, its her father like father in law who makes her that ways,,,, And finally if she is an affectionate mother then all her affection is for her sweet, lil, mischievous prince,,,,, (God small boys look so cuteeee, I simply love them)

If you see a perfect woman standing before you then trust me her perfection can definitely be ascribed to contributions of at least 2 perfect men (one being her dad and the other being the love of her life)

One more thing which I wish to confess is that from the deepest corner of my heart I very strongly believe that boys make better friends then girls… It is very much evident in the history itself that the best of friends have been guys and not gals…. Be it Timon N Pumba, David & Jonathan or Jai N Veeru for that matter… I know all the gals are gonna kill me for this one but I sincerely feel that if two girlz are friends then some day or the other the “J-Factor” definitely comes into play but as far as boys are concerned they celebrate each other’s victories and achievements genuinely…..

Men are really giving, caring and supportive in each of their relation…. They have a soft side too but may be its not as palpable as in case of women…...

NOW, Just b’coz I have written this article does not implies in any way that I have got anything against girls or I myself have any regret of being a girl….. No Way…. I simply love myself for being me, no matter what…. The only rationale behind writing this article was that – WoMen are good but even Men are not bad and I genuinely feel that somebody needs to definitely acknowledge this evidentiary fact or else it would be really unfair to the guys and I thought if someone has to do it then why not me…… And it’s for this very reason itself that I titled this article as “That’s So Unfair”

This one goes out for all you guys dying to be noticed, recognized and acknowledged for once atleast…. I know it feels really bad and deprived coz nobody bothers to even make a mention about you all………. So this one is completely and absolutely devoted and dedicated for YOU…..

EnJoy BeiNg RcoGniZed…..

And yes, I know all you guys won’t be able to thank me enough for this one ever but then, It’s OK….. It Really is….

Opposites Attract???

Opposites Attract ???

Opposites Attract….. This is possibly amongst one of the most common phrases that we come across when we talk about things like love, relationships or even marriages. I have heard a lot of people saying that generally people who are opposite to one another end up being together. In fact I have personally come across a number of couples who admit that they are totally different from each other and that they have nothing in similar and yet they are madly in love with one another….

Well that was just the opinion of the majority and as always I happen to disagree with the majority….

Yes it’s true that for a number of years even I was a strong follower of this so called philosophy of “opposites attract” but then somehow recently I have realized that you pick up any couple and by this I literally mean any couple around you and you will easily get my point.

At first instance when you come across any couple it definitely seems that they are totally opposite to one another and the philosophy of “opposites attract” would sound pretty workable then, but when you get into the depth of any relation you will realize that there is something that the two people madly in love, have in common. There is always something or the other that strikes a cord between the two souls….

Trust me, if two individuals would be completely diverse from one another they can never stay together for too long. To have a long lasting relation you definitely need to have some trait in common to your soul mate which will act like the foundation stone on which your relation would stand….

Ask any couple how did they come together and you will know what is that string which ties the two souls together…. I mean they will have some similarities for sure which can be anything which might even sound a little weird. It can be their hobby, family background, eating habits (which I personally consider to be very imp), their school or college, their love for dogs or any other pet (by the way if you want to love me you will have to love cats for sure) or anything else under the sun….

For instance one my cousin, Vini got recently married. It was an arranged marriage but then during the courtship period (i.e. the period between her engagement and marriage) she madly fell in love with her would be husband Pankaj (whom I don’t find very impressive personally, but that hardly matters. At the end Vini’s opinion matters the most). At first sight I felt that what made Vini like Pankaj so much. I mean they were actually so different from one another like Vini is far more beautiful gal then Pankaj and a number of other similar differences but then gradually when I got to know Pankaj more and more I realized that the common trait which held these guys together was both of them are empty headed….. I know that sounds rude and weird too and I’m sorry for that but then that’s actually true…

Though most of the couples say that they are opposite to one another, they actually need to look at the bigger picture of their relation and they would realize that ultimately they are alike somewhere or the other and that’s why they are together or rather I should be saying that’s what keeps them together….

So next time when you look at any couple around you or for that matter if you search for your soul mate don’t look for differences but search for the similarities that would hold you together forever……. After all we are humans not magnets….

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Best WaY To Be...

The Best Way To Be……..

Mahatma Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani, Shahrukh Khan, Indira Nui, Kalpana Chawla, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad…..

Do you find anything in common in the above stated names?????

I do…. Firstly they all are very well renowned, they all are successful in their own way and their own streams and most importantly they all are unique, that is they all are just one of their kinds n have led their life in the right way that is their way…..

I know I still haven’t made my point clear. Let me put it this way…. Just imagine if Shahrukh Khan would have tried to become like Gandhiji then what would have happened……….? I’ll tell you what could have happened… He would have neither been able o become Gandhiji coz Gandhji is just one and no one can replace him and nor he would have become the king of bollywood and the ruler of so many hearts across the globe….. Today the world knows both Sharukh Khan as well as Gandhiji for their own deeds….. So the point is to become some thing in life it is not required that you try and imitate any one or try to become like any one but what matters is that You need to be Yourself….

Trust me, its not that only these people were unique…. No way…. We all are unique in our own very sweet way but the only distinguishing factor which makes them extraordinary is that they had identified the quality within them which differentiates them from the crowd…. For Gandhiji it was his love for nation, for Shahrukh it was his passion towards cinema, for Dhirubhai it was his greed for money……

All they have done and all that we need to do is look into our self for once and ask our soul that what do we want from our life……? What is it that matters the most to me….? Once I have an answer to these questions I’m already on my way to victory…..

I have seen many people esp. of our generation being influenced by the bollywood actors and TV actors and then they try to be like them and finally they end up making mockery of themselves….

Believe me, it is always good to be inspired by great people but it is very dangerous to be influenced by anyone because in that case we end up losing our own identity which is too precious to be lost….

I just don’t understand why can’t we love ourselves….? Why can’t we value ourselves for being whatever we are…..? Why…..?

I can’t say any thing about others but as far as I’m concerned no matter how good or bad I’m but I simply love my self and why shouldn’t I… I know that not too many people like me and to be very honest even I don’t like a lot of people and for this very reason I have very few friend, very few….. But then these few friends mean a lot to me and for the rest of the world I really don’t care…. People consider it o be my arrogance but then again I really don’t care and I believe that none of us should be bothered about the whole world…. Is the whole world bothered about you…? Obviously not… So then why the hell do you need to be so bloody bothered…?

To make a stand for your self in this world full of competitors the most basic thing is that you need to know yourself very well before you want the world to know you…. If you can not love your self how do you expect to seek acceptance from the rest….

To reach the zenith of success you have to be comfortable with yourself and you need to be madly in love with yourself and genuinely passionate about yourself coz the zenith can accommodate just one person at a time and so at the top the only person who is gonna remain with you till the end is YOU…..

So start being yourself coz that’s the best way to Be… And trust me it is not all that difficult…..

Proud To Be ME………..

Someone Like THIS…..!

Since the time a girl steps into her teens she begins to discover a new world around her. A world filled with new friends, a strange excitement, an unexperienced sense of freedom, a new set of expectations, a beauty which was unnoticed for years suddenly begins to light up her face. Suddenly she starts understanding fashion which seemed so idiotic just a couple of days back, she begins to consider her opinion as prominent as others or at times even more then others, she begins to experience feelings like ego, jealousy, impatience and so on. Overnight her dad is no more her hero and she starts looking for someone to fill the empty space of her hero. In short a kiddo turns into a girl.

This is not the story of someone in specific but this is the story of each and every girl (Trust me… being a girl I can say this). Apart from all these changes one of the most prominent change that a girl experiences during her transition phase is dreaming about a special someone…. Suddenly she experiences an undefinable emptiness n her restless eyes can just not stop looking for HIM….. In order to search him the first thing she does is to define him… She tries to visualize him and lists out all his qualities….

Being a girl even I have my dream guy just like any other girl…. And though it has been years that I have crossed my teens but my dreams are yet to take a shape…..

Today I remembered somebody’s words which said “If you can write it on a piece of paper that what do you want, then you are bound to get it” and so I decided to write about him….

Though I have been dreaming about him for years but today when I have decided to write about him, suddenly I feel like there are just no perfect words to define him, like the literature people are yet to come up with their best…. To put it in simple language I’m falling short of words…. But then as I’m very stubborn so since I have decided, I would at least make an attempt to define him. He would be

“Someone who is a man and yet boyish

Someone who is as rich as Richie Rich but also a lofar like Johny Bravo

Someone who is as intelligent as Dexter and yet as innocent as Donald

Someone who is as strong as Popeye but as romantic as Alladin

Someone who can give me laughing tears

Someone fun to be with

Someone who can add up spice to any boring thing

Someone whose smile would make everything around me seem not only just all right but great

Someone who is sophisticated enough to dine with in a five star and yet Desi enough to eat pani puri on the road side

Someone who is damn filmy n yet has a sense of originality in everything

Someone who is very naughty n witty and yet supportive enough to hold my hands in the difficult times

Someone who can play with the kids like a kid and also accompanies his mom to the temple

Someone who parties hard and yet is a great support to his family

Someone mad enough to stand in the middle of the roads on a rainy day to sing Tum se hi for me

Someone mad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night to say that “I Love You”

Someone who is jack of all relations but master of Love

Someone whose presence makes everything around me seem beautiful including me

Someone whose voice would be music to my ears

Someone who is as cool as cucumber, calm n composed (me being the most short tempered being I have ever come across)

Someone who would not get a heart attack looking my shopping bills

Someone who would pamper the kiddo hidden inside me

Someone who can take me out at 1 in the night for having a chocolate fantasy with lots of hot Chocolate sauce at CCD’s

Someone who can go on listening to my stupid talks for hours and hours

Someone who would make me feel as if the time is just flying

Someone being with whom would always leave me with a feeling of wanting more

Someone whose mere touch can light thousands of 1000 Walt bulbs (these days CFL’) in my body

Someone who would make Chocolates N Armaan seem miniscule

Someone who would let me put on weight n yet love me as ever

Someone with whom age would be no bar n each day would be a new unforgettable experience

Someone who would turn my life into a beautiful story where though everything would be true n yet sound so unreal

Someone who would be proud of being with me and would announce it to the world on the top of his voice

Someone who can read my eyes n words would never be the medium of our communication

Someone who can make me feel beautiful

Someone for who can drive me crazy about everything in him

Someone who loves me for being me

Someone who knows me inside out

Someone who likes me for my strengths but loves me for my weaknesses…”

I don’t want a perfect guy for me but all I need is someone who can make me fall in love with his imperfections… He should be just one of his kinds….

I know the list is a bit short but still that’s how I’m…. I’ll be satisfied with the little that I have thought of………..

Well though I have dreamt of him since my school days I’m yet to find him n the search is still ON…..!