Monday, November 8, 2010

Him and Her

Him and Her....

Here is a piece of conversation between mom and dad…. My daily doze of laughter….

Her : Why have you bought so many Bananas? Who is gonna finish them now??

Him : Oh I happened to meet our regular fruit vendor today, so I stopped to wish him happy Diwali….

Her : So... he gifted you these many bananas for free…..let me think

Him : No but he gave me in half the price

Her : How much did you pay??

Him : I paid Rs.20 for a dozen while the market rate is Rs.30

Her : I never knew that 30/2 is 20!!!

Him : rolling eyes confusednail biting

Me : laughing


  1. LOL...parents are the best...I get to hear their arguments over phh every single day and it definitely cracks me up :D

  2. True... Every time I hear them argue I feel like saying my mommy smartest and my daddy cutest(Coz he allows mom to win knowingly).... :)

  3. Observing parents bicker over silly stuff is so much fun! How I miss it .. :D

  4. @Pepper
    Yeh... Its super fun... :)

  5. hahaha loved the convo :D

    P.S. I agree with Pepper [here as well ;)]

  6. lol..parents.. How much fun are they :)

  7. Ha ha ha I luv these tit-bits :) :)

  8. @ Comfy
    Yeh, they are super fun.... :)

    @ Swaram
    I love them too.... :)

  9. he he he Nice one :) but still cheap na .. instead of 30 he paid 20.. :)

    forget about the Number of bananas look at the money spent :)

    Bikram's Question time

  10. @Bikram
    So you are on dad's side.... :)