Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make a wish

Make A Wish….

Lighting candles before god, looking at the sky for hours waiting for that one star to fall for you, tying those religious threads on sacred walls, blowing candles fixed on your birthday cake, throwing coins in those wish wells and what not… We all have wishes and our unique way of making a wish and believe that someone is listening it all….

But what if you just utter something out of your mouth and the next second you have it right before your eyes… Sounds great… Just think doesn’t it actually happens sometimes…. And what happens then… First reaction – Surprised, Second reaction – Delighted and the Third reaction – REGRET… Yup, you got that right…

Yesterday our building had organized this buffet dinner for all the residents of the building but owing to my laziness I was in no mood to change my dirty Tee n messed up lower and get presentable if nothing more (God, plz help me act a bit girly, if nothing more)… So I decided to stay back n cook my self a Paratha after a while, though I was dying to enjoy the feast… While all my roomies were down enjoying the dinner, there I was, shuffling the useless TV channels and then I just muttered those words out of my mouth “Wish the Plate filled with all that great stuff could come right before me without moving my ass”… The next moment the door bell rang and what do I see….

One of my roomy had come back from the feast and managed to escape a plate for me from their… Aah…. You should have seen that smile on my face (Good food has anyways always been a turn on for me…) Believe me I was more then surprised to see it.. I mean I just muttered it not even a minute back and here I have a nicely served plate filled with whatever you can think of right before me… My next reaction was absolute delight…. I wanted to do nothing but enjoy the meal and suddenly the moment I sat down to relish it, a thought crossed my mind “Wish I had Wished for IT”… I mean, What if I had Wished for Something else… Something like A new job (as being unemployed sucks) or even better my dream business or the next thought was what if I had asked for my dream house or even better what if I had wished to have Armaan in my life (Silly that I’m, why am I madly in love with a TV serial character)… And with all these thoughts going on in my mind I could feel the regret spreading over my face that there was so much I could have asked for in that moment as if that was a golden chance gifted to me and I missed on it Big Time….

But my weirdo mind didn’t stop just here and it continued popping up questions… Can’t it be a mere co-incidence… Quite a possibility but my heart refused to believe… My heart almost screamed that it was a “Make – A –Wish – Moment” exclusively for me (Kiddish to the core but kya karien, Dil toh Bachha Hai Ji)… And then came another question what if I would have wished for anything else that I mentioned above.. The so called Bigger or a Better wish… There came an answer again from my stupid heart, that it would not have been the same… And I realize how true that was…

If I would have wished for anything else it would have surely not come before me right away but would have taken some time… I mean be it a Job or Business or that dream house, if I would have wished for any of them it would have come to me only after sometime and not right away and then may be it would not have felt so magical as I just felt..

So finally I was totally satisfied with all my answers, believing that for the moment this was the best thing I could have asked for, as nothing comes before Delicious Food… And there I was lying on my couch in my dirty clothes relishing every bite with my cheeks all stuffed, enjoying the moment like a Kid, Thanking my Magic Man for making my wish come True…..

P.S. – It’s extremely important to find happiness in whatever you have coz nothing else makes life beautiful….


  1. LOL !!! You know something, when you get food, you are NOT supposed to think about anything else ! :D :D :D Sigh ! How I wish....oh no, not falling for that one ! :D

    But then, poor Alladin; he wouldve gone nuts when that genie guy granted him those three wishes !!!

  2. Yup, are right... Nothing on this world can substitute the joy of eating delicious food...

    Thanks a lot for reading all my posts... :)