Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Won’t Understand….

There are some things that are so peculiar about us, girls… Our habit to bargain for that one extra rupee… The immense pleasure that we seek in back biting… The ability to stand before our wardrobe for more than an hour and then ultimately pick up that same dress which we had chosen in the very first minute…Those long hours of self admiration standing before the mirror… That desire to look natural after putting Kilos of make up…. God Females are actually strange, impossible and most importantly extremely complicated….

One such peculiar thing about each girl is the habit of saying “You won’t UnderStaNd”… Those of you guys who have had a girlfriend in the past or are already having one are really gonna love this one…

Just talk to this girl about anything and she would always be ready to fight on it, calling it a discussion and when you would say why are we fighting over such a silly thing the answer is where are we fighting, we are simply discussing it but You don’t Understand… And mind you she is discussing on the top of her voice with her face all red, but still remember it’s not a fight but a discussion…

They would come to you asking how am I looking…. Now this is a very dangerous question and even I can’t help you on this one (Coz despite being a girl I hardly care about my looks)… If you say you are looking good (though the pigeon’s nest outside your window looks better then her new hairstyle), then she would ask just good??? Now you say, I mean you are looking like a princess sweetheart and within your mind you have already clapped for your self and rewarded yourself 10 on 10 but suddenly here voice brings you out of your imaginative award ceremony and to your surprise she’s still not pleased rather it’s going in some other direction… She says stop lying… I know I’m not looking all that good… You don’t even look at me properly… You never give a genuine opinion… You think I can’t take criticisms, which is so not true… But leave it, You won’t Understand

And now if you are wondering that honesty is the best policy then trust me it’s a bad idea…. Just try it and I’ll tell you what dialogues would follow… Continuing the same question, How am I looking… If you would have said you are not looking all that good today then take it from me those are the last words of your life coz by now her eyes have already turned red and you can see the blood running through her face… She would call you insensible and curse you and she would say it took me 3 and a half hours to get ready for our date and you could not even appreciate that effort… If nothing you could have lied for my sake (and remember earlier she was all set to take all the criticism and wanted you to be honest)… But leave it, You won’t Understand

And now for those of you guys who are already married, god bless your souls…. One thing that you can not afford to forget is praising her about whatever she has cooked… No matter even if it is half boiled, lacks salt and even tommy outside the house leaves it uneaten but you have to show as if you are enjoying every bite and food never tasted better than this…. And yes dare you compare her with the way your mom used to cook… Believe me man you have already put your life on stake… And there begins our dear discussion where only she talks… One very common thing that you get to hear is “All you can think of is your mom… I left my mom for you and you don’t even think about… forget it… You won’t Understand

Be it about her looks or the way she cooks… And no matter how you answer it… Ultimately she can convert the simplest of the conversation into a so called “Discussion” and trust me no matter what that discussion is about but it would always end up with these golden words “You won’t Understand”… And they would never even attempt to explain you but still would expect you to understand everything…

Such is the God’s finest creation… Confused, Complicated and always ready to discuss….

I have to admit this that despite being a girl I have always been fascinated by the Guys and have always believed that they are really cool, uncomplicated and way better than us (at least in some aspects) and as far as understanding girls is concerned, trust me guys its actually impossible… Even after being a girl I still don’t understand what is it with gilrzzz, so forget that you would ever be able to understand… Just let it be that ways and take it as all gals suffer from the “You won’t Understand” Syndrome….

Dedicated to all the troubled souls……..

You Know It Then

You Know iT Then….!

Life poses so many questions before us and then leaves it to us that how we go about finding answer to them…. The answers to some are very simple but there are some questions that can give you sleepless nights for days and months….

One such question that we all come across in our life is “Is this Love???”…. Isn’t it… We all go through that phase when everything is the same but still seems to be so different… The world around us begins to seem more than beautiful… Suddenly the fragrance of roses drives you crazy… You begin to find even red as ‘your colour’… You begin to take a closer look at the moon and the stars believing that someone somewhere must be looking at them and feeling the same… You can feel those winds blowing… Your CD rack is now filled with all the romantic numbers and listening to them drifts you to another world… It’s the heart shape pillows and candies that catch your attention now and you begin to find those stupid gift shops quite fascinating… Couples around you bring a smile on your face and remind you of someone…..

And while you are going through all this, one fine day you end up asking your self is this love??? Or may be it’s just a feeling and then begin those sleepless nights and every other second you find your self thinking about nothing but this….

So how do we get an answer to this… Well as I have always believed in my philosophy of “keep it simple” so is the answer to this question….

Whenever you want to know whether you love him (her) or not, just close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself what is it in this person that you don’t like…. What are those things which are not so good about him… Just try finding some faults in him…

Done with this…. Now open your eyes and tell your self what the answer is…. If your answer is NoThiNg then you know it that you are actually in love…

Wondering how am I so sure of it…. Well it’s a known fact that nobody is perfect… We all have some good qualities and some not so good… But here is someone who seems perfect to you & you don’t find any faults in him and what the world has to say about him is something you hardly care about…. If this isn’t love then what else could it be….!!!!