Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Idea of Love

My Idea of Love…

Just a couple of days back during one of my class my students said that they were not in a mood to study and so we decided to play spin the bottle… Having escaped successfully a few times finally the bottle stopped pointing at me and now I was asked to choose between truth and dare… I chose truth (Dare was actually not an option for me coz I’m a terrible dancer, an awful singer and pathetic at cracking jokes or mimicking and I’m too lazy to do anything else either)

All the gals started murmuring into each others ears about what to ask and kept giggling (Girls are really silly in this case… I just don’t understand what pleasure do they find in murmuring into ears and giggling over it… It irritates me….)

Finally after pointing at each other the You Ask - You Ask business came to an end (Thank god it ended… I thought it would go on forever) and one of the gal asked me “what do you think about love” (And all of them started giggling again… Gauch) to which I answered that I think being in love is like catching cold…. (They had expected me to say that falling in love is the most wonderful thing and blah blah blah… They had expected anything but not this… You should have seen their faces than…)

Yes that is what I think…. Falling in love and catching cold is the same… Don’t believe me… Here are a few similarities

· Whether you fall in love or you catch cold both leave your head spinning and go on to add unnecessary troubles and headaches to your otherwise sweet and simple life…

· The end result of both love and cold is the same… Red swollen eyes filled with tears…Smiley

· Whether you are in love or you have caught cold, in any case you are going to lose your diet and have sleepless nights….

· People who are in love or have been struck by cold are often found saying this…Smiley

· Both love and cold makes a person useless and good for nothing… Smiley

· And yes, not to forget, neither love nor cold have any prevention or cure… Hote hote hota hai aur jate jate jata hai…

So next time if you ever begin to feel that you are in love then just hang on their and check if you have caught cold…..


  1. I have to really disagree with you here :)

    >otherwise sweet and simple life? I think life in general has it's ups and downs-you're in love or not!

    >End result-Not at all and not always

    >Diet and sleeplessness- You should meet me for sure ;)

    >Sorry- Otherwise always we sorry,don't we? It's called good manners :D

    >Useless and good for nothing- Can't take this mean I'm useless?? :shock:

    >jate jate love nahi jata hai...I can bet on that :)

    LOL ...your concepts needs to be rectified about love :)

  2. Hahaha.. nice analogy!!
    ...and hote hote hota hai aur jate jate jata hai… haha.. u r funny, u knw :)

  3. hahahaha I catch cold easily, but I seldom say sorry. Its, 'Excuse Me'. What if I did that to love, excuse me?
    And cold just gives a red nose, when did eyes pop into the scene?
    And cold is the worst ailment of all to disrupt life. What do you say about love? Any analogies?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Scribbler
    Oh all this was just for fun... Don't expect me to be serious any time.... You ask me about love 10 times and you would get 10 different answers... That time when I was asked this question I was suffering from cold so this answer... Next time new answer...

    On a serious note I'am still confused what is love and find it way beyond my understanding...

  5. Apt analogy. I agree with you on all points. :) But the last line is the true winner. So true and funny. :)Thank god I got over with my cold :D

  6. @S
    Thanks a lot S... :) And thanks for being polite and calling my madness funny... :D

  7. Hehehehe. But I totally disagree. Love is the sweetest thing you can ever find and feel :). Btw what do you teach?

  8. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Try saying excuse me in case of love and you have a tough time ahead... So if you wish to try, do it at your risk... :D

    When I catch old tears keep dropping down my eyes... That how eyes come into scene... :)

    Just like cold love too is the worst ailment of all to disrupt life... Though both are dangerous but if I asked to make a choice between love and cold then I would choose to catch cold.. ;)

  9. @Ajay

    Thank god, someone is on my side too... :D

    Good to know that you are free from cold... :)

  10. @Harini
    It was just for fun harini... I just can not sound serious unless seriously required... ;)

  11. Very nice. I am reading it just for fun. :))))) Love=Cold Shiver=Cold=Red Eyes

  12. @A
    Thanks... :) I wrote it only for fun and I'm glad that you enjoyed it... :)

  13. yes i can vouch for that
    but love is beautiful too when u fall in love its a different feeling when it happen

    but i love the comparison love and cold.. i had a long cold i guess 5 years long finaly its over :)

  14. @Bikram
    Thsnks bik... :) Hope you catch cold forever this time.... :)

  15. ROFL!!! This is one of the best stuffs I have read in recent times !!! :D :D :D


    take a bow ! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  16. @Vimmuuu
    Thanks so much vimmuuu... You have made my day... :D
    A compliment coming from you is really an achievement... :)

  17. kiya khayal hai :D to each his own is all i can say...
    poor girls :P they must be shocked :P

  18. lol
    cold can help you build or start the broken relationships.
    cold can be starting point of new love story.

  19. @Rajlakshmi
    Thanks dear.... :)
    Ohh all the girls were really shocked... Their faces were worth being captured... :D

  20. @sm
    Just like everything else cold too has its prose and cons... :)

  21. Bahahaaa! :D
    That was an awesome analogy! Especially loved the illustration with them! ;)
    It's good to find humour in all situations, and get others to laugh with you! :)

  22. @Preeti
    Thanks buddy... :) Glad you enjoyed.... :)

  23. LOL :P Hatke answer huh ;) ;)
    So, r u suffering from love err cold nw :P :P

  24. You are a teacher? I've always been scared of them..

    I was disagreeing with all that you said about love. But since it's not serious stuff, I can enjoy a few laughs :)

  25. @Pepper
    Yes I'm a teacher but not a scary one... :D

  26. Teacher!! I hate impositions!! :(

    I totally agree with ur comparison there!
    Wht all troubles these mere mortals have to go through..tsk.. tsk..tsk

    Thnk god im a cold blooded vampire,we dont catch cold tht easily! :D :D :D

    Ps: i need to borrow ur cane..

  27. @Brat
    I'm just running a coaching insti of mine n not am not some college prof....

    yeah I know you are vampire but not one like Cullen... :D

    You can have that cane forever after all you need it for such a noble cause... :D :D

  28. yeah tht was the time(Nov 09) whn i turned into a 'comment vampire'.. im still searching for a cure to reverse it..So there was no time for putting up new posts n all.Although,i did write a few guest posts for Vimmuuu called 'Raavan'.Do chk it out :)

  29. @Brat
    Read one of your post on vimmuuu's blog... You are one super crazy vampire... :D

    Though I haven't watched ravaan yet coz all my friends warned me not too but I enjoyed this one... Especially those climax options.... Superb... Start writing again na...