Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet Another Feather In My Cap….

Yet Another Feather In My Cap….

No no I have not done anything great… By the way when did I do something like that last… Aummmmmmm….. Forget it… Anyways the cap that I’m talking about is that of embarrassment… Yes I hold a record of the number of embarrassing moments… In fact I still remember that while filling those scrap books when I used to reach the most embarrassing moment column I used to end up scratching my head wondering which one to put… Too many options create confusions you see…

Hey are you thinking that I’ am always doing something silly…. Mind you I even work seriously but nobody has ever seen me doing that…. But whenever I indulge into something silly which I sure don’t want anyone to see only then the world begins to look for me…

Yesterday I added yet another feather of embarrassing moment in my cap… Since it was Sunday everyone had gone out…. Mom and dad went out together, Piyush was out with his friends and dadu is always with his friend on Sundays… So basically I had the entire place for myself… Sounds cool…. I was getting bored so I turned on the music… Ear deafening loud… After a few minutes came our dear Sheila’s number… I don’t know when but Sheila had knocked all my senses and I was dancing around the entire house like a mad… I even wrapped my mom’s dupatta, Sheila ishtyle, Just to get a feel you know….

Oh everything was so much fun but not for too long… Just when I was shouting at the top of my voice , na na na na na na Sheila, Sheila ki jawani (With my fingers doing the signature Sheila step) he was standing right before me, starring at me as if he had spotted some alien…. I froze in my place still… My fingers still up in the air…. I tried convincing myself that it’s just another nightmare but no those two big eyes behind thick glasses were still starring at me in disbelief…. But how come he’s here…?? He was supposed to be with his friend… Yes guys it was my dadu… I wanted to ask him that what has he doing here….?? But then I realized it’s rather him who should be questioning me… So just when I gained my senses back I took off that idiotic dupatta and ran back to my room…. (Finally I did something sensible)

Later I came to know that he was at home today coz his friend had gone out of town… Couldn’t his friend inform me also in advance… It’s all uncleji’s fault you see….

By the way its not just me who invited a trouble coz of Sheila but Piyush too is the member of the league… This Saturday while he has planning to go for Tees Maar Khan mom told him that he should better cancel the plan as the movie has not got good reviews… So my intelligent brother said “Who cares about the movie, all I care about is Sheila ki jawani” I broke into laughter and mom was starring at him… Sheila continues to drive the world mad….

So what’s your most embarrassing moment guys…? Go ahead, share it with me and join the “I- Love-Non-Sense” Gang…..


  1. ROFL..was imagining you dancing on the number :D

  2. Once my manager was addressing our small group in the conference room.. Initially I was listening carefully..but after some time my eyes became heavy..I slept in front of him like anything for next around half an hour.. :D
    My friends say, u should get bravery award for sleeping like that in front of manager..

    Then in my school days, one lady with complete white skin was sitting in the empty hall waiting for us to collect movie tickets from her. She was suffering from the disease. I was the first one to enter into the hall. As soon as I saw her and got scared, I started running shouting "Bhoot Bhoot..." ..That was of course embarrasing for her..but it was for me as well cause unknowingly I hurted her which I still repent..

  3. @Scribbler
    You just can not imagine my face after I saw my dadu.... :D

    Yay you are first.... :)

  4. @Prasad
    You are a brave guy indeed... :D

  5. hehehe that was fun. As for my part, I have many, so many that I can't remember a single one. :P

  6. You shouldve switched on the webcam too! Chey, missed your version of Sheila ! :D :D :D :D how long did you take to face your dad after that ? :D :D :D

  7. @Anshul
    Oh is it? Why don't you write a post about it someday then...?? :)

  8. @Vimmuuu
    oh don't even ask... If it were dad it would have not been a trouble at all but it was my grand father.....

    As far as facing him goes, we both had a silent agreement not to talk about it as if it never happened.... :D :D

    By the way good that you missed my version of sheila... It was a disaster anyways.... :D

  9. he he he he :) nice one hmmm so did ur dadu ask you or did he jsut smile and let u go ..
    U shud have recorded your version for all of us to see tooo.. :)

    my most embarassing moment well it was in my village and I was trying to copy our dear darling amitabh with a stick in my hand, you seen jute, well there is this plant whose skin u pull to make ropes, and what is left is a white shoot with a hollow hole in middle, So i had that and had it lit and LA amitabh styple pulled a PUFF and pure smoke went into my lungs and there was my NANU standing and worst day with smoke i was coughing my eyes out and then came the DHAI KILO ka haath on my little cheek...

    yeah from that day i know smoking is bad for health :)


  10. @Bikram
    Ohh thank god he did not ask anything... I was anyways too embarrassed to answer...

    Smoking is injurious to health and in your case injurious for cheeks too... ;)

    Hey btw cool idea for making a cigarette... :D :D

  11. Hey Tanishka
    Cool blog. I shall subscribe to it..Getting caught like this shd scare the devils off or the burglars..What if Dadu joined d party?
    I have quite a few once was late fr lecture n jumped in the Mumbai local@Churchgate..female compartment.Later,I realised..U can gauge the embarassment:)
    The other 1 is censored.

  12. oops, I meant granddad only. missed that 'grand' while typing ! :P

  13. Aahaha! :D
    I can imagine this completely! Because I have also danced on this silly Shiela song when noone was at home. Thankfully, noone so! :D

  14. Tanishka ... tanishka ki kahani .. na na na na :P

    I can give you a run for embarassing momens what with my legendary memory that fails to recollect faces or for worst puts a different identity to a face i come across in a public place. Sample this: Once I met a person in a department store, he smiled at me and started talking. Back of head, I am doing all sorts of calculations and recollections to figure out his identity though his face was very familiar. After few equations, I decided he is my bike mechanic and asked him about his work etc. He stood with a blank confused face and then said "Sir, I am your friend's tailor" :P Imagine my situation then, my Beat it!

  15. @Bachchan
    Oh i can imagine how the gals must have bullied you then coz if I were there I would have done no different... :D :D I anyways never miss a chance to bully anyone.... :D

  16. @Vimmuuu
    This typo is because you are write rarely these days... Write more often and see how it changes... :D :D

  17. @Preeti
    Oh you lucky gal... :) Glad that you were not caught... :) But its good to know that I'm not the only silly one... :D

  18. @Rajan
    Hey this is super funny... I want to know more... What did you do next then... ??

  19. Lolsss.....What an incident...I mean accident!!
    Enjoyed reading...!!

  20. @Aditi
    ya it was an accident indeed... :D

  21. :o
    Ok, that would have been some situation! I would love to see your dadu's expression :D
    On a side note, it is difficult not to start dancing when that song plays :D

  22. hahaha :D now that was embarassing :P

  23. LMAO! Happens... happened with me too. I have so many moments like these that I can write a book :P

  24. I didnt want to watch the movie but listened to that song over a hundred times. :)

  25. @DI
    I know... Its really difficult not to dance on that number.... :)

  26. @Rajlakshmi
    I'am going to be more careful next time... :)

  27. @Harini
    Share some with us too... :)

  28. @Blognostic
    the song is m fav too... Do i need to say this even after the disaster... :D

  29. lol..happens to the best of us :D

    Hope once Sheila is done you find an even more rocking song to rock to :D

  30. Cannot stop laughing. Movie is hopeless.

    Happy New Year 2011. :)))

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