Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still Unanswered

Still unanswered….

Twenty years of studies and finally it’s all done today… I mean I have completed all my degrees and now on I will never have to immerse myself into books again…

This journey of 20 years strangely seems to be very short and extremely beautiful… Every time getting promoted to a new class was always an excitement…

During this entire phase of my education I learnt a lot of things and they would always be with me for sure. But then there are also some confusions which could never get cleared and some questions that have always remain unanswered and now that my studies are over I guess they would always remain unanswered…. My list is really big but let me tell you about some of them…

Geography, Maths, Chemistry and even Hindi for that matter have always been my weakness since the school days and so a lot of confusions in them have always remained uncleared. Let’s begin with Geography….

I still don’t know how a hill, mountain and plateau are different from one another, How do you distinguish between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse… How is a satellite different from planet…? Aren’t both of them way beyond our reach…. what is the difference between trees, herbs and sherbs.. Don’t they all give fruits or flowers..?? Aren’t they all green….?? What makes a river different from the pound and the lake… Aren’t they all the sources of water..??? And then I have never been able to locate any place correctly on the map and I know I would never ever be able to do it in the future as well….

Next comes Chemistry… Well balancing those chemical equations and mugging up all those chemical formulae has always been a challenge (obviously the one I could never win… hehe…) and then do you remember those questions of blue litmus turning red and red litmus turning blue…?? I could never make out when the red would turn blue or the blue would turn red but all I can say is I really enjoyed that transition of colours…. :) And one very important question for those, spending their days n nights in the chemistry lab… Why can’t you guys use room fresheners or something… Your place stinks as hell…. Actually my entire chemistry has always been very doubtful but my only dream was to pass just once in a chemistry exam but then it would always remain a dream… Hey btw once I had flunked by just 1/4th or so to say .25 marks in chemistry but then I could never get through (So you see I was almost there)

Here comes Hindi… I was always scolded by Hindi teachers like anything… Talking in Hindi is not that big an issue… I mean I know that even when I speak in Hindi I commit a lot of mistakes but that is nothing when it comes to writing in Hindi… God my Hindi answer sheets had less of blue ink and more of red… All that you could see was circles all around… For every line that I wrote my teachers could find at least 5 mistakes per line (remember that’s the minimum)… And then I still get confused with those “Matra’s” especially bada ohu and chota ohu ki Matra (I just don’t know where to put what)… So no need to mention about the disgust with which the Hindi teachers used to look at me and when it came to choosing between French and Hindi my Hindi teachers actually requested (rather forced) my parents to put me into French.. I hate them so much for this… I mean coz of this me and Dhruti were put into different sections…. And now if you are wondering how I used to manage Sanskrit then, so the answer is I never even dared to attempt that section in my paper and in all this time I just learnt one Shloka and that is “Twamev mata, pita twamev” and that too because I have watched “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” more then 20 times and they have played this shloka in that movie (Thanks to Shahrukh… See I always say that bollywood is not useless, but you guys would never get it)… Just out of the way… Even Nicky’s mom is a Hindi teacher and though I never told her but I get rally nervous before her mom too… Aunty is actually very good but the mere fact that she teaches Hindi is enough to scare me…

Then comes the ever dreaded subject… MATHS…. It seems simply impossible to put my fear for maths into words… Can’t manage to explain anyone my hatred or Maths… I have never ever been good with the calculations and I think what is the need to do trouble yourself when some great soul had already made those sweet, simple and easy to use calculators… (I simply love my calci… N god bless his soul) Obviously its not just about calculations but there are a no. of other confusions too like how is maths different from stats… Don’t the two require you to calculate something using numbers…?? The value of X has always been a mystery and will continue to be… How are differenciation and integration different from one another… Is it not true that no matter how hard you try but you can never solve them correctly in the exam… If both would fetch you a zero then I don’t think you need to treat them differently…. Geometry was another trauma in my life… I still get confused between the shapes of cones, cylinders, spheres, hemispheres and so on… Now that I’m confused about their shapes itself so just forget about their formulae… I even don’t get how are mass and volume different and then those conversions have never been my cup of tea any ways… As in converting litters to millilitres, watts to kilo watts and so on… And then even before I could get a little understanding of the basic mathematics I was forced to do higher maths and there it was all bigger confusions… Probability always went above my head… I mean life gets fun when you take chances then why calculate before taking a chance… And then those standard deviations and standard errors and so on…. And yes there are these tests that need to be applied in maths like Z test, T test, ANOVA test, Chi-Square test and this test and that test…. I could never make out when to apply what but all I knew is that they have always been screwing my test scores…..

And now let me talk about the confusions that got built during my graduation and post grad…. Before that let me tell you no matter how shaky are your management concept and no matter even if you study just in the morning of your exam still it is very difficult to flunk in your college exams… I really feel they encourage creative freedom and that is why they let us write all crap that comes to our mind…. Trust me you can write a minimum of 5 pages for any answer in your exam even if you don’t know a word about the topic being asked… Its all Creativity….:)

So I was telling you about my confusions that built up during the higher studies… Well as a management student you come across a lot of definition… And most of them would say that it is a science as well as an art… Now tell me something so boring like finance can ever have an element of art into it… Nah… And how can it be science… Had it been Science I would have flunked…. For every concept some 10 people would give their own definitions… I just don’t understand why the hell so many definitions for the same thing that when they all mean the same…. Bloody wanna be’s… Just want their names to be put into the books but somebody go and tell them that this doesn’t makes them famous rather they get cursed every second by some or the other student in some part of the world…. And then I still don’t get the difference between Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives… Don’t they all tell you your targets or where you wanna reach in future…? And you know what is the biggest irony…. Every sem we had these 4 terms n every time a new teacher told a different meaning… So you see I’m not the only one confused….:) I still don’t know whether to follow the Shine sirs Ansoff’s Matrix or the one taught by Sapru sir…. I still don’t get the difference between efficiency and effectiveness… Aren’t the two related to productivity…?? What is a behavioural science… This term is used every now and then in Management but the fact is that I still don’t know what does this exactly means…. Another thing that I could never understand was why do they teach “Ethics in Business and Job” without us having a business or a job… I think they should teach how to earn money before anything else is taught…. I still don’t get the difference between Global and International… Don’t they both mean any thing outside your own country..? The same goes for the difference between an Entrepreneur and a business man… God these people have even confused me about my dad… As in I’m still deciding if he is businessman or an entrepreneur….

And then there are some very basic confusions like differentiating between left and right… You know I still get confused even while writing P and 9…

The list of my confusions is endless… And I can just go on and on and on but then I think this much is enough for you all or else it would become difficult for you to search for sum1 more confused then me on this planet…. But the best part is that despite of so many confusions I have finally completed my studies…. (Pharji toh pharji hi sahi…) and then I have always believed in my own philosophy that “Some things are always better being A Mystery or The History”

This post is dedicated to all the born duffers like me and for those who think they know a lot, feel free to drop in your answers in the comments….:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I’m Back….

Firstly I’m really sorry for disappearing from my blog all of a sudden but what could have I done... For the last couple of months I had been keeping really busy with my CFA and MBA exams, assignments n submissions so much so that I had not been getting enough time to even sleep properly… But the Good news is that on the 14th of this month I completed my CFA n today I have finally completed my MBA as well n guess what just yesterday (June 21, 2010) I got my offer letter too… Well there are a lot of things I have got to share with you n trust me all these days my hands had been literally itching to scribble over my blog n now I’m going to keep dropping in every now n then….

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Date

The First Date….

Saw the video??? Nop… Then watch it first….

Done with it… Cute na… I know it is… Well this is the video when Mayank took Nupur for their first date… This episode had been telecasted some 1 year back n since then I had been searching for this video n finally I have it…

I simply love everything about it… Right from the music to the lyrics to the singers to the picturisation. I mean it has been made so beautifully… From the very first time I saw it, I had fallen in love with it n you know since then I had been wishing that whenever I would go for my first date it should all be the same… I mean he (whoever he is) should actually get the stars shining all around, bring the clouds down to my feet n make the rains shower all around just like Mayank did it for Nupur..

I know it all sounds so kiddish n idiotic but somehow I really want it to be just like this coz deep down I’m a very filmy kind of gal who wants everything the bollywood style n especially there has to be an element of rains into it…

Waiting for my Mayank to come….