Friday, December 10, 2010

Spring rolls without Spring Onions

Spring Rolls Without Spring Onions….

Today I decided that I want to have spring roll for dinner and that too my way… As in more spicy and no spring onions… It took me two hours and three fights with mom to have it done my way…

First fight

Mom - How can you put chat masala and Maggie masala in spring rolls???

Me – Didn’t I tell I need the kitchen for two hours, then how come you are here??

Mom – I was just passing by…

Me – Ohk then Bye…..

Mom – But how could you even think of…

Me – (cutting her sentence half way) – Mom its already done… Now may I

Mom – Its better that I leave…

Me – Thank you

Second Fight

Mom – No spring onion in spring rolls???

Me – So what??

Mom – Ever even heard of it…

Me – You would be the lucky one who gets to taste it…

Mom – Smiley And leaves again....

Third fight

Me – Where is the Vinegar??

Mom – It got finished last week…

Me – Ohk I’ll ask Piyush to get it

Mom – Oh let it be… Hardly makes a difference, anyways you need to put just a few drops…

Me – I want it and Piyush will bring it…

Mom – He is no mood to go and get vinegar..

Me – Piyushhhhh (And he appears) If you want to eat spring rolls you have to go right now and get vinegar

Mom n Piyush –Smiley

(And finally piyush picks up his keys and gets vinegar)

Me -Smiley

Finally after fighting against the world mission spring roll accomplished deliciously… And mom was too busy relishing them forgetting the fact that she had been fighting with me just an hour back…

Here are a few pics ­­

This is the stuffing that I made...

This is how the rolls looked before frying…

And here are the fired rolls...

And this is ready to eat…


  1. Awesome! Looks delicious and am sure would taste delicious too :) Was worth the fight with mom :)

  2. They look Yummy! Give me the recipe plz plz!

  3. that looks the recipe sometime, pls? i would love to try, if it's easy enough :D

  4. Those are so drool worthy Tan! I love the sound of maggi masala in spring rolls! Though I'd like to include spring onions.. I love them.

    Could you please share the recipe with us hungry souls?

  5. Cannot stop laughing. Sorry :))

  6. Nt fair @ allllll! U put up droolworthy pics and dnt give us the recipe too :( :(

  7. Kha liye saaare ke saaare :) they look yummy

  8. @Ajay
    Don't remind me of the fight... :D

  9. @Harini
    Let me know your mail address and I'll mail it to you... :)

  10. @Titaxy
    Thanks T... I have mailed you the recipe... Let me know how it turned out... :)

  11. @Pepper
    Maggie masala sounds cool, Isn't it... Already mailed you the recipe... Try them and send some for me too.... :)

  12. @A
    Thanks for stopping at my blog... Welcome to expressions.. :)

  13. @Swar
    The recipe is mailed to you swar.... :) Is that fair now... :D

  14. @Bikram
    Yes... I finished the entire plate like a good girl... :D

  15. hey don't post pics of the prize with the battle story, its making me crave, to put my hand into this monitor of mine and pick up a roll or two.
    Nice post, can't say about the taste though. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  16. so, this isnt a cookery post, huh? :D :D :D :D and if this is how you cook, then I should be wishing all the best to all those who eat that ! :D :D I hope atleast that sauce was tasty ! :D :D

  17. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Thanks.... :)

  18. @Vimmuuuu
    It is not a cookery post.... Read it properly u lazy...

  19. Spice is yumm for me too! Btw, what all went into the filling? Since you mentioned 100 times in the comment section this is not cookery post :P still i want to know what all apart from chat masala and maggie masala went into the sprinless roll ? ;)

  20. Hey nice plate ;) ;)

    I shall not comment on how delicious those rolls looks till u feed them to me ;) ;)

    Btw plz put loads n loads of onions n spring onions in them I luuuuuvvvv errrr heaarrrrtttt them :D

  21. @Rajan
    It had onions, carrots, capsicum, cabbage, soya sauce, chili sauce, a little bit of boiled noodles, oil, ageeno moto, vinegar and salt apart from maggie masala... :D

  22. @Sags
    That's my favorite plate... I bought it when I was in school... :D

  23. Yum! Recipe please! It looks so delicious. I want to eat spring rolls now!

  24. @Smitha
    Thanks... :) Let me know your mail address and the recipe would be sent to you.... :)

  25. Oh God.. drool.. I waaaaaannnntttt...

  26. drooooooooooooooooooooooling..
    worth the fight, i must say! :)

  27. @Comfy
    Come over and you can have lots of them... :)

  28. @S
    Thanks for stopping at my blog... Keep dropping by... :)

  29. No fisnishing the whole plate ALL BY YOURSELF doesnot make you a good girl.. you are suppsoed ot SHARE :)

  30. Wow!! That looks SO tasty! On popular demand, publish the recipe in the next post! :D

  31. awesomeeeee :D I would have tried it if I had my own kitchen... too bad...

  32. post totally cracked me up! Great blog too...

  33. @Bikram
    You can have them too but for that you'll have to India.... :) So when are you coming??

  34. @Preeti
    Drop your mail address and I'll mail you the recipe coz if i put it here people like vimmuuu are going to have a trouble... :)

  35. @Rajlakshmi
    Thanks for visiting my blog... keep dropping by... :)

  36. @s
    Thanks s.... And welcome to expressions... :)

  37. what fun ! and please me wants the recipe !

  38. @Brat
    Your comment is here only... :D
    And you are bothered about the sauce... Weirdo...:)

  39. Tanishka, You inspired me to make spring rolls :) Made some yesterday - baked instead of frying them - I am anal about frying :) Thanks :)