Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Memory To Cherish

A Memory To Cherish….

Anything that happens for the first time is always special and becomes a part of the magical box called memories… This Diwali has gifted me with one such sweet memory for lifetime and would always remain close to my heart….

As a kid I always saw how dad used to go to our shop for Diwali pujan while mom used to take care of Diwali pujan at our home and somehow I always got this feeling that even I want to have a place which would be all mine and then I would do diwali pujan at my place…. Finally my dream took shape of a beautiful reality this Diwali…

Remember I told you about the education institute that we have started, yes I did my first Diwali pujan their, along with a few close friends… We did it with all the procedures to the best of our abilities… We decorated a corner of our room as Lakshmi Ji’s mandir along with all those puja ki thali, fruits, sweets and everything else… It was all very simple and yet seemed so special….

I can’t explain how proud I felt at that point of time and I wholeheartedly thanked God for blessing me with a place which I could call my own… God has really been kind to me…. I’m really thankful to him for always being good to me and wish that I continue to be his special kiddo… J


  1. 'magical box called memories' Loved the metaphor :)

    Oh that's a great news :) Congratulations Tan ! I didn't know about the institute...Tell me more about write in,would love to know :)

    Wishing you more such bits to add up to the magical box :)

  2. @Scribbler
    Thanks ma'am... Wish every one is blessed with such beautiful memories... :)

  3. Lovely post and I luv the name of ur blog and the url too :)

  4. @Swaram
    Thanks... Welcome to expressions.. :)

  5. Beautiful post :)
    Here's wishing you many more wonderful moments of pride and hope you have a fantastic time this festive season :)