Thursday, December 2, 2010

Emoticons A NO-NO For Boys….Emoticons

When we talk about boys there is a set image in some way, like you expect them to be a little muscular and all that…. What happens when guys try to do something against their image… Nothing much just that they turn into a laughing stock or a centre of attention… Here is a list of what guys should not be doing et all....Smiley

  • Ridding a pink scooty - I know pink is no longer just a feminine colour… Wear pink shirts, pink ties (Pink lungi for vimmuuu) but Pink Scooty…. Guys never look good on a scooty and to top it all a pink one… Na na na…Smiley
  • Wearing a flowery shirt – Please stop making an attempt to turn into a flower shop… If you think those flowers catch attention, well yes they do but only for a wrong reason....Smiley
  • Panting your nails - I have seen a couple of guys wearing nail paints and some go beyond that and even put mehandi…. Why don’t you understand that some fun things are reserved only for us, girls….
  • Moving hands/playing with a ring/chain while talking – Oh please it looks cute but only on gals… So better learn to stand straight…Smiley
  • Keeping flakes in hair – Long hair suit some of the guys but flakes (Eg Terence Lewis)… It looks ridiculous and absolutely girlly…
  • Whispering in ears – That is so much a girl thing…. I know guys too have their secrets (and more important ones) but you can share them in any way but not by mumbling into each others ears….Smiley

These are a few things that I saw some of the guys doing and found it a little funny… Come on girls you can add to the list and boys even you are free to say whatever you want… After all I believe in equality of gender….


  1. and I always thought you were on my side. you know, you know !

    But I agree to whatever you have written here especially the nail polish bit ! :D :D :D

  2. each one of them was so true gal... specially mehndi/nailpaints and flowery shirts tooo, even i detest it.... but wat if, if we are mistaken in judging n they aint guys at all... :P

  3. Flowery shirts :)). One of my friend had got them and his argument was when girls can dress like a guy and call themselves why cant boys wear flowery shirts :)).

    LOL @ pink lungi for vimu :))

  4. @Vimmuuu
    I'm on your side only baba.... :) But see even you agree to it na... Whatever is true is true... :D

  5. @Nikita
    Then that is a different story all together... :D

  6. @Harini
    You can tell him girls are good enough to carry that but may be he is not... :)

  7. He he he REALLY someone has a pink scooty.. and painted there nails WHAT ...

    and YES Madamee points taken shall make sure i throuw all the flowery PINK shirts out .. and not do any of those things he he heeh Hey is Pink CAR allowed :) he he he


  8. I can never wear a flowery shirt or ride a pink bike I pamper my hair just like girls :) Rest of the things should be left exclusively to girls. I am disgusted to see some guys wearing ear-rings!

  9. @Bikram
    Yes someone actually has a pink scooty...
    Bikram you have a pink car???

  10. @Ajay
    Thanks for that... I actually forgot to mention ear-rings... :)

  11. I think nail paint is the major No-no for me :P :P

  12. Apart from the painting nails.. none of these bother me :D I don't care if guys indulge in those.

    BTW, I tag you Tan. Go pick up the tag from my place and do it!

  13. @Swar
    All of that is a major no-no for me... :D

  14. @Pepper
    Thanks for the tag dear... Will take it up soon... :)

  15. @SM
    Thanks for dropping by... Welcome to expressions... :)

  16. I dont have one but i was thinking of getting one :) he hehe with lots of FLOWER patterns on it .. I thought girls love them so maybe thats how i can pull some of them .. otherwise to no one talks to me ...

    GOD what all a man has to d o :) he he he he he

  17. @Bikram
    Good that you don't have one and trust me girls don't love pink cars.... :D

  18. 1. checking themselves out everytime they pass a mirror - it pisses me off to no end!!!!!

    N yes Pink ONLY looks good on vimmuuu as it matches with his pink bucket, pink mug n pink toilet seat :D

  19. @Deviantwave
    Checking themselves in the mirror just doesn't suits them.... Its absolutely irritating...

  20. You bet!! Guys look pathetic even with a pnik shirt..forget floral shirt!! & nail paint yuckkk! Good summary Tanishka :) total mast...

  21. @crystaldewdrops
    Thanks dew.... :)

  22. Ehehee! Loved your observations! :)
    Flowery shirts make me want to pull my hair off! Just hate those!
    Oh and first time at your blog! So, hi! :)

  23. LOL!! You got it bang on with the nail paint point :D

  24. @Preeti
    Welcome to expressions preeti.... :)

  25. yep you're right !!! And boys wearing earrings !! growing ponytails ! Having that girlish accent ;)

    So not for boys!

  26. Painted nails and men? Certainly not my cup of tea :( Nor do I like jewelery on men :( Some things are girlie for sure :)

  27. I don't like them either, but still there's a question that an add asked, I am modifying it a bit...
    Why should girls have all the fun?

    And talking of all this I was reminded of something. What would you say about this?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  28. I remember posting a comment here but it is missing :S