Friday, November 12, 2010

Just one Request

Just one Request…

I love rains and they have always been a turn on for me… I know it sounds a bit kiddish but I love love love them….. Every time it rains, my dil goes hmmmm…..And to my fortune it has been raining here for the last two days… A rain in winters is simply Amazing…. With those diamond like tiny droplets of rains everything around seems so beautiful… There is something very special about rains… I have always believed that rain is one the best gift given by god to us… It is god’s way to say “Go celebrate and dance your heart out” and trust me I never miss on that…dancing

With all of this there is just one more thing that I want to request God and that is “can’t the rain water be a little luke warmish”…. I mean I know it’s asking for too much but don’t you think it would be super fun if the rain water was warm… We could get drenched in the rains as much as we want without being scolded by mom, without catching any cold, in short without any worries…..

So what’s your idea of rains???

P.S. - Dear God, Please think over it.... batting eyelashes


  1. Rains are my weakness :P. I m happiest when it rains :).

  2. Aha Rains..tell me about it :) LOL @ your wish..I hope God is listening :)

  3. @Harini
    Rains are my weakness too.... Just can't stop myself from getting drenched, despite of being scolded by mom... ;)

  4. @Chandrika
    Thanks... :) Welcome to Expressions... :)

  5. @Scribbler
    Ya sure... Would tell you in detail some time... :)

  6. I loveee rains too! They fill my heart with joy! I did an entire post on it too :D

    I dunno what part you are in, but the rains in Mumbai were warm enough for you to dance in. Here in Cali, I just can't enjoy the rains without catching a chill :(

  7. @Pepper
    I'am in Indore currently... But was in Mumbai during last years rainy season and i fell in love with Mumbai for its rains... :)

  8. Aah I share your love for rain..and miss the summer rain in India.. How much fun were they.. I don't think I ever missed out on a chance of dancing in them :)

  9. Yeh daulat bhi le lo
    yeh shauharat bhi le lo
    bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawani
    magar mujhko LAUTA DO
    woh kagaz ki kishti

    I hope this tell you all what i think of the RAINS :)

    I love them especiall ythe first few drops on the dry earth the smell :)

    What we did - Answer

  10. @Comfy
    You should never miss on the chance to enjoy rains indeed... :) Why don't you come to India this July... We all would enjoy... :) What say...

  11. @Bikram
    Wonderful song and goo timing... :)
    Ya me too loves the "saundhi saundhi si methi ki khushboo".... :)Its simply amazing...

  12. I love rain but I love the sudden chillness of the first drops that caress the skin !

  13. @Rajan
    I love the chillness too but only for the first few mins... :)
    Welcome to expressions.... :)

  14. ITs been raining cats and dogs here in chennai .... I just love them.....i could get wet all day :) ..
    Dark sky, chilly winds , rain just about to start, a few drops of it here a few of them there .. its just so romantic..

  15. @Arvind
    Rains have some spl effects that makes everthing around seem like a bliss... :)