Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats your Rashee???

What’s your Rashee….??

Some say it’s true, some say its rubbish, some find it interesting while others think of it as nothing more than a word… But accept it or not we all are a little curious to know about our sun sign in detail…

I had always believed that sun sign is nothing but a mere tag which people impose on you owing to your date of birth until I met this friend of mine. Let’s call her Y…

I met Y during my graduation days; we clicked well from quiet the beginning of the college…. She always said that I’m a hard core Scorpion (My date of birth being Oct 24, 1987) and I hardly cared about it sticking to my belief that the concept of sun signs is all rubbish… After all there are so many people of each sun sign, how can you expect them all to have the same set of character traits… But as she came to know more about me she kept re-emphasizing on me being a scorpion to the core and insisted me to read about Scorpio woman….

Initially I didn’t quiet give in to the idea but finally I agreed to her and what better place then our dear internet… As soon as I typed Scorpio Woman in the Google search window there was an endless list of sites on the same… I began to read about it just as a formality to keep my promise but to my surprise within the first 10 minutes of my read, I was left amazed by the fact that each trait of a scorpio woman was so much there in me and she was absolutely right in saying that I’m a scorpion head to toe… Yes I’m passionate about everything that I take up, I can keep secrets till my last breath, I’m stubborn and short tempered, J factor comes into play easily in my case, I don’t give up easily, I begin to lose interest from things very quickly, I can never be neutral – either I love it or I hate it… It’s all so true… (Ohk now I’m not gonna bore you with all the traits of scorpions)

And since then I have believed that our sun sign does have a significant role in deciding the kind of person we are and it does influences our behaviour but I still wonder how is it possible that all the people with the same sun sign have same qualities… Just how???confused

So what’s your take on sun signs… Do you believe in them… And do let me know if you find an answer to my question….

P.S. - I don't know why but I simply love my sun sign....


  1. i don't believe in these..although i do read it for fun :D

  2. Firsttttttttt and a quickes comment i bet here :)

    I am a scorpio.. so i can understand what you are saying it is all true...

    I dont beleive fully in it but as and when it suits me he hehehe :)

    no really somethings are true.. and some are not..

    but yeah we do have a lot of traits as mentioned according the sun sign :)

    so fellow scorpio how do u do :)


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  4. @Scribbler
    YAY for 1st... :)
    Now say something about the post too...

  5. @T
    Even I didn't believe in it much unless I did not read in detail, but again its individual opinion... :)

  6. @Bikram
    Sorry but you are 3rd... U seem to love this position... :)
    Hey welcome to the scorpion gang...
    And yes i also believe that somethings are true and some are not... Had to be that ways after all we share our sun sign... :)

  7. well, I personally dont beleive much in astrology but yeah i do find it interesting .. i have read some books related to them i could not find a significant justification of what they try to say in the book.
    I mean all traits mentioned in one sign would be pretty much evident in the person having a different sign what appears is all people easily believe that what written is completely true..
    for example . what u have descried as ur traits are pretty much mine too.. i am a capricon.. and for capricon the traits are like romantic, handsome , Sensitive .. now dont u thing u would find these traits in non capricon's too :) .. just put a thought over it :P ..
    Its all about how u perceive things if i want to believe in something i would believe in it eventually and if i dont ..hell yeah,, bring anything i wouldn't budge .. :) .
    so my point is all these character mappings are done is such a way that everyone finds their own traits and character .. which is why people like me and u find it interesting :) ..

    Do read palmistry sometime ..i bet u would find it interesting too :D

  8. Oh I do. and I am true blue Aries.:P

  9. Hey I never thought about it that ways... This is such a different angel to the whole sun sign thing and I already see myself falling for it...

    And btw were u just talking describing capricons.. :)

  10. I am a capricon so i can only describe my sun sign :P

    and yeah scorpian's sting ... read that ?? :P have u stung anyone lately ??? :D . My sister is proud scorpian too :P

  11. @Arvind
    Well i don't...
    And now that your sis is a scorpion that's a fact enough to be proud of... :)

  12. Sun sign and Moon sign is affects what kind of person we are. Not that one has to go by the law and seek an astrologer for everything :)

    I myself don't believe in this. But there is one thing I'm sure of and I believe is our moon sign is the right rashee to see cause the Sun sign is derived from the English calendar and we don't follow the same when it comes to date of birth and birth chart creations.

    So going by this logic everyone has two rashees and a mix of characters from both signs. By date you're a scorpion but do check your moon sign too.

    Also,there are 100s and 1000s of people of the same rashee so lot of characteristics come out common in them and hence we identify with whatever is said about that particular rashee.

    Uff..a mini post almost :)

    P.S. I'm a hardcore scorpion too ;)

  13. I don't believe in it most of the times. I read it for a few laughs though :)

  14. I don't see a point in them and kind of agree with what Arvind says. We all have a bit of this and that..What they tell you is very generic..

  15. @Comfy
    Yes after reading to what arvind said I'm convinced that its more generic and we just tend to relate to it...

  16. @Scribbler
    Yes I know that there is a hindu rashee too and acc to that I'm a libran but I find it all a lil confusing...

    Nice mini post and good to know that u too are a part of Scorpion gang... :)

    Even i don't believe in it religiously... :)

  17. I am a sucker for sun sign predictions too; especially the weekly ones. Not that I believe in them, its fun ! :D :D and I read all the sun signs and not just mine ! :D :D :D

  18. @Vimmuuu
    Gosh you read them all and i don even care to read mine... :D I'm assuming that you read it for all of us :D :D

  19. Initially I thought you'd done a review of that super long and boring movie starring Priyanka Chopra :) And I just came to know that as per my birthday I'm a Scorpion. I never really bothered about sun signs. Thanks to your post :)

  20. I am not all that sure if i 100% believe in it... may 70%. Yes, I m Leo in many ways but thats where it ends I guess. I dont believe in horoscopes much to an extent yes (meaning if it says good things :P).

  21. @Ajay
    So u too are a part of scorpion gang, welcome to the gang... :)

  22. @Harini
    Even I never believe in horoscope, in fact i never even bother to read it but its just that I have all the traits of my sun sign and have seen it in others too...

  23. This was some years back. While browsing my uncle's library, I found the Linda Goodman's book ( it is the bible of all sign lovers, isn't it ;) ) and I went through all the signs and characters and If i assume myself to be each sign, I fitted well with most of the points. So I assume, If you pick any sign and read the points, you will find some of them suiting your character and start believing it. Well, that is my perception on this sun signs.

  24. Personally, I dnt believe in them :)
    Ppl do tell me I hv certain traits of my sunsign. Quite possible but I still don't believe/like reading them :)