Saturday, October 16, 2010

When I Would Grow Old

When I Would Grow Old….

As a kid all of us have this urge to grow up as early as possible for end no. of reasons… This reason could be something as wise as becoming a doctor to as weird as becoming superman…. But we all had a reason and so had I….

As always my reason has to be unreal and the weirdest of all….. Since childhood bollywood has been the biggest fascination for me and will always continue to be… I have loved everything about it… That exaggerated entry of hero… That accidental dashing of hero into heroine and then suddenly those winds begin to blow and their goes the background music, hmmmm….. Those rains falling in the month of may when either the hero proposes the heroine or when they part ways… Those stars falling from the sky right at the moment when the hero & heroine want to make a wish and both of them see it at the same time despite being miles apart… Those lavishing houses and wonderful dresses of poor and jobless hero’s…. Those villainous fathers and brothers who are ready to marry their daughter to a pig like looking brat but not apna handsome hero… I mean I have loved all those Raj’s, Rahul’s, Rohan’s, Pooja’s, Priya’s and Anjali’s…..

Now you must have thought that surely I wanted to become an actress when I was a kid… Well wrong guess…. I never wanted to become one… In fact cameras have always scared the wits out of me so much so that you would hardly find me even in any of the family pics or group pics… I would rather choose to step out and click a pic for everyone else dying to be a part of the “Phetograff”…. :P So no chance of even dreaming about it…

Finally here comes my reason…. Because of my love for all this filmy stuff I always wanted to grow up so that I could wrap some lovely sarees and dance around wearing them… Oh I can’t tell you how badly I want to do this once in my lifetime…. Just wear a simple beautiful chiffon saree with lots and lots of colourful bangles and a small silver bindi and then dance around in some grassy field dreaming about my Hero….

You might not believe but one of the reason why I wanted to become a teacher was that as a kid I always thought teachers wear saree’s and I used to always think that my teachers don’t wear that pretty sarees but once I would become one I would buy the best ones in the town….

Yes… This is why I wanted to grow up… To wear a saree and dance my heart out in rains with my Mr. Perfect(whoever he is)…. Though it is super crazy but trust me this is one thing I’m surely gonna do someday…. J J

P.S. :- Wondering why this video?? Because it reminded me of my dream all over again…. Go check it out....