Monday, November 1, 2010

The Inevitable

The Inevitable….

Weather it is for good or it’s for bad but it’s inevitable…. It’s the only thing which is constant…. It’s change…. Be it places, be it traditions, be it people or be it life as a whole, there’s just nothing on this earth which is untouched by this magical word…

Sometimes it is welcomed with a smile and sometimes with a frown, but with time we realize that there was some goodness in the change for sure even if it’s not good in entirety…

Life simply unveils all the changes before us and then leaves it on us to decide if we wish to blend it in our lives like sweetness of sugar or we wish to gulp it down like a pill….

Is it not better to welcome all the changes with open arms and attempt to discover the mysterious beauty that each change goes on to add into your life….

The choice is, has been and will always be yours…..


  1. Yes it's in our hands to look at things the way we want to and then react :) Because change has no good or bad side it's we who tag it either of it :)

  2. The way you look at a change determines if its good or bad according to me. Yes, sometimes we hate them for sure but then again I have always been the one who believes in "Everything happens for a reason".

  3. Everything surely happens for a reason but we often fail to understand it...

  4. So true. It's all in one's mind.

  5. Welcome to expressions titaxy... :)