Thursday, June 3, 2010

Unfortunately, it matters

Unfortunately, It Matters…

Cell phones, SMS, blackberries n i-phones, orkut, facebook, twitter and what not….

We have actually started living in a virtual world where everything is possible with a click of button and distances have lost there relevance… Life seems so simple… isn’t it….

Well actually its aint that simple…. No matter whatever we say but trust me at the end of the day unfortunately the distances really matter a lot…. Being together is extremely important… You know what there are some of my friends whom I haven’t meet for years but the mere fact that we are in the same city its more then enough… That mere feeling of being just a phone call away brings in an inexplicable sense of security with it which is simply unmatchable and no technology can make good for it….

But in just next 17 days I’ll have to leave my city and move into a new life where a new job, new house and a whole new set of people would be waiting for me… I don’t know how successful I would be in this new chapter of my life but one thing is for sure that there are some things and people whom I would always miss a lot and nothing in this world would be able to compensate for them…

I wish I could hold on to this but then as they say that “success comes for a price” and in my case may be this is what I have to pay for it but I’m sure that this would prove to be a new beautiful beginning…..