Monday, September 27, 2010

Living my Dream

Living my Dream….

I just can’t tell you how happy and satisfied I’m with my life at this point of time. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store but today is simply beautiful…

Didn’t I mention in one of my previous post that I left my job…. Things had become real tough after that but thankfully as always I allowed my heart to dominate my mind and so I left Mumbai and came back to my home town to accomplish my dream….

And what was this dream… As every girl dreams of becoming a teacher during her school days wearing those beautiful sarees, moving around the class, standing before a bunch of kids, writing elegantly over the board, carrying those piles of papers and colourful pens and what not, so did I wish to become one…. But after getting out of the school this dream changed for every one except for me (see I have always been exceptionalJ)…. I always wanted to start up my own education institute (business blood you see) and after I left my job I thought that may be life wants me to live my dream and so I came back and actually started up my own institute along with my friend. Though it’s in the start up phase, so it demands for a lot of hard work but trust me I’m enjoying every bit of it….

I mean life has become fun…. Every day meeting that cheerful bunch of students coming batch after batch all through out the day…. Chit chatting with them, discussing music, movies, fashion, listening to their love stories, college crushes along with lil bit of studies… And the best part is me being just 23 it becomes very easy for me to mix up with all of them as they all are MBA students so just a year or so younger to me… And some of them took a drop so are actually elder to me…. In fact all most all of them misunderstood me as a new joinee on my 1st day and even I had fun with them before I told them that I’m not a student but their teacher….

You know it’s all so good… It doesn’t even feels like I’m out of my college… Still those birthday celebrations, those cake fights and everything continues… And then there are some real great advantages of being a teacher…. Like recently one of my student gifted me a box of chocolates…. And like a good gal I shared it with my entire class….

And yes with me every thing has to have a filmy element, so being inspired by main hoon na, I actually dress up in those cute salwaar kameez, put a tiny silver bindi, wearing bangles and all of that….

Everything is just superb and I’m enjoying it to the core… Its like getting money for pleasing myself and than the felling of being your own boss is simply unmatchable… I don’t think life can ever get better than this for any one…


  1. wow :) I am so happy for you :) sacchi ... u sound happy.. ur words are happeir.. and best of all you are accomplinishing your all time dream. :)and itne khush aur satisfied lagte ho tum dono ( u n amit) ki mai bhi jaldi ane ka plan banane wali hu :)

  2. So don't wait.... Come back and start working on your all time dream... Right your dream book and then i'll tell my students, "see what Contacts I have"... :)

  3. wow ! a young female MBA lecturer; thats what I wanted during my MBA days ! Lucky kids !!! Sigh ! :D :D :D :D

    Congrats on fulfilling your dream !! :)