Monday, November 22, 2010

It's all Non Sense

It’s all Non-Sense….

Cribbing, cribbing and more of it and yet I don’t seem to get enough of it… Yes I have so many complaints and questions hitting me hard as nail….

Why only me???

How could life take a turn this way in a flick of second???

How can an inseparable part of your life be taken away from you so ruthlessly???

Why can’t things happen for once as per our whims & wishes???

How can some people turn so cold and let you suffer in grief for almost no fault of yours??

How terrible does it feels to let everything shatter right before your eyes and be able to do nothing about it but feel helpless???

I’m tiered of listening to this non-sense that whatever happens, happens for good, and God surely has a better plan for us… I don’t want the better or the best, so please don’t care about that… I want the worst and I’ll be happy with that, as no matter its good or bad but it would be just the way I want it… Can this happen for once….

Sorry guys, I know it made no sense but I really had to get this out of my system and wanted to get the feeling that someone is listening….


  1. hugs...hope you feel better soon..

  2. Cant make out anything from this, but please do take care !

  3. Oh Dear...come over this phase soon ! We all have days like these...take a nice break :)

  4. u cant come out of all this if you dont open up, and break teh shell.. common n.. its been days we talked.. i miss you,.

    PS just in case i hope it wasnt abt ' dil mal gaye' abrupt end. ;)

  5. @Nikita
    Thnx Nicky but I don't wish to talk it out with any one and its surely not abt dil mill gaye.

  6. It does make sense. And those lines like God has better plans and all that are lame. I don't believe in fatalism but time and again this belief is shaken to the point that I'm now totally confused.

  7. Hey as you mentioned we in the same boat it seems .. So i will give you same advice you gave me and I jsut hope it works out for both :)

    Well i would say forget about them i know i know like me a difficutl thing to do .. but as a lot have said one door clooses others open..
    here wishing you that you find someone who does not hurt you

    obviously they were not friends On a personal not if it was me i would given them a call or try to talk once more but then thats me
    and we have already got to a point to recognise that I am abnormal :)


  8. Hang on there. It will make sense one day. Big hugs!

  9. Feeling better ??
    You know i have been in this situation a month ago.. I know how to feels . You suddenly start feeling lonely and come to a conclusion that there is possibly no one who cares about us.. Time changes everything . We can just try our best. IF things doesn't change. It will sort out itself in its own pace...
    So just try to concentrate as much as u can on something else that u love doing ..hopefully things will be fine soon ...

  10. *bear hug*. Just hang in there.

  11. m listening ......... julian