Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day…..

14th February…. The day of love….. Today people across the world express their feelings towards their loved ones, So I thought why not me, and so this post of mine is dedicated to everything that I’m madly in love with…..

Well to top the list is my mom… I really love her the most in this world and more then that I really owe her for making me as ME and I know that I can never do enough for everything that she has done for me and she would always have an upper hand in everything….

After my mom n the immediate family, comes my friends… Well I’m not at all a guddie good kind of a person. In fact at times I can get pretty rude, arrogant, egoistic and what not and so I don’t have too many friends… Since childhood I have been able to make just 6 very good friends right from school till college and I made a couple of friends during my training too but I wont count them in the real close ones so they are not included in these special 6… It’s true that I have very few friends but then if needed I can even give away my life for them… They and their opinion really matters at every point of my life….

Next one that drives me absolutely crazy is Chocolates and ice creams and in fact anything and everything in chocolate… Yup you got that right… I’m madly in love with chocolates and ice creams. Even if I’m in the worst of my moods they can turn me on and possibly if you see me eating chocolate or a choco chip ice cream for that matter when I’m all alone you might end up rubbing your eyes a thousands of times b’coz I go on to eat or rather lick them up like anything coz I believe that they are meant to be eaten up in the most relishing manner or it would be their insult and so if I eat a chocolate or choco ice cream its hard to find any signs of chocolate on the wrapper in any way…. After all we should not waste any eatables… Remember….

One man that I’m madly in love with is Dr. Armaan Malik from the serial Dill Mill Gayye being played by Karan Singh Grover…. I have to say that I don’t love Karan…. After all I don’t even know him but them I love Armaan… I know it sounds a bit confusing… Well it’s like I don’t love Karan but I love the character being played by him which is Armaan… I simply like everything about Armaan, his looks, the way he cares for Riddhima (his lady love in the show), the way he teases her, the way he plays with his naughty eyes, the way he fights out the world for his love, and just every bit about him….. Hard luck na… I love a man who actually doesn’t exists… But it’s ok.. I’m sure someone even more romantic then Armaan must be waiting for me somewhere and I would find him soon enough…

I even love small kiddos like anything… You just need to look into their innocent eyes and you can see all your worries flying away… I simply love to listen to their all non-sense talk because they have the power to make the most nonsensical thing the cutest of all… I enjoy playing with the kids like anything and that’s the only place where I love to loose… You know what I really wish to become a nursery teacher someday after giving a good shape to my carer….

Another thing that rejenvates me every time is rains… I simply love to get drenched in the rains like anything… That’s truly an ultimate feeing…. I have always believed that rains are like the blessing of gods being showered from the skies or its god’s way of asking you to re-celebrate your life and trust me every time it rains I enjoy them to the fullest even if I get scolded by mom and end up catching cold for the days to come…. There’s simply nothing that can stop me from dancing around in the rains…

I even love cats like anything and I personally feel that they are the god’s sexiest creation in any and every way…. Look into their eyes, simply killing man and their sweet voice… Meeeeoooooowww…..Everything about them is no less then superb…. I really wish to become a cat in my next life, and for now I have already decided that once I have my own house totally on my own then the first thing I would do is getting my first cat in my home (coz my mom doesn’t allows me to bring a cat in our home as she thinkss that I’m alone enough to create all the destructions in the house) and I would name her Maggiee… And trust me she would not be my cat but my sweet little daughter… I would love her like anything…..

I also find books to interest me… Of course more of the fiction ones… Trust me if I happen to like a book then I can eat it up like anything… I think books, if good can turn the most boring day a pleasurable treat…..

One thing that can bring a simle on my face any time is Karnesians…. They are a kind of flower and I find them distinguishingly beautiful… Even more then the roses which the majority considers to be simply the best…

Another thing that really pleases me is watching cartoonz…. I know that I’ m too old to watch cartoons now but then I hardly care… They are so much of fun… When it comes to cartoons the list is endless…. I like Tom n Jerry, Shinchan, Popeye, Alladin, Duck Tales, Tales pin, Gummy Bears, The little mermaids, Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Daizy, Pluto, The Goof Trop and the list goes on…..

Apart from these I also love small things like colours, bubbles, music, and so on…..

These were a few of things that I’m in love with…. The only reason why I felt writing about them is that I very strongly believe that everything special and important in your life needs to be acknowledged… Feelings are always the most important but their expression is equally important….

Express your heart out in any way you feel like… For me, it’s very difficult to speak up what I feel for anything but I put my heart out on a piece of people very easily… So it’s not important how you do it but it’s really important that you express your love… And one more thing, never wait for anything as stupid as Valentine’s Day… Just go out and express your self any day you feel like…. There is no perfect day to express your love but the way you express it makes everything perfect….

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  1. i aspire to be a writer... and then i come across your writings,,. your way of expressing your thoughts.. your clarity of thoughts.. and the beautiful way of convincing at the end with your opinion...
    and i feel like giving my aspiration a second thought ;)
    love your posts girl.. .surely they are a bit too long but then i love it :)