Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tribute

A Tribute….

Oh god, I just don’t know where to start from… Well I have always followed this rule of “Whenever in confusion, Start from the start” and so I thought I would start from the beginning….

I still remember when I finished my graduation all I had with me was a mark sheet with meritorious scores and totally messed up CAT scores and some calls from useless B-Schools for MBA…. I was really confused then and so as a last option I appeared for the local CET with not too many hopes or expectations as all the entrance exams require you to be good at maths and I’m a Born Duffer as far as maths is concerned (But trust me its not my fault at all, I have inherited it from my mom… So you see I’m just keeping the family tradition like an idol daughter)

Well to my surprise I scored really well in the entrance exam (me and my family are still trying to find out how did this miracle happen…. May be system error). Owing to a good score I made it to the best MBA College of the state…. Gauche, that day it seemed I had conquered something….

With lots of dreams in eyes, a big bag of expectations in heart and an ambition of making it big in life, I stepped into my college on its first day…. But then within the very first half an hour I got to taste the reality…. Yes the best of the state was not so best, in fact not even good enough…. A poor infrastructure, bear minimum at its worst in name of basic facilities, a 100 year old study material (may be to add an element of history in every thing) faculties over and above my intellect (remember I’m just trying to be polite) and every thing good enough to shatter my expectations… But then my dreams and ambition were still intact (thanks to my mom, who has taught me not to give up ever… Come What May….)

Gradually I lost all my hopes from this college and within the 1st month of my college I was so very sure that this place had nothing to offer me… From the very beginning I waited for the two years of my MBA to get over… But today I know how wrong I was then…. With just two months left for my college to get over, I know how much I’m gonna miss this place… Just in the next two months our old, dented building would no longer be ours… The mere thought brings tears into my eyes….

Today I can’t tell you how happy I’ am on being proved wrong… Yes, I’m actually glad to say this that my college has given me some things which no other place in this world could have given me ….

Firstly it was hear that I learnt to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, devil and angel or whatever you wanna call it….

Next I got to look at life from a different angel… Actually I was a very studious gal during the days of my graduation and having a tag of gold medallist along with my name seemed to be my ultimate dream then…. By the end of graduation I even had it the way I wanted it to be but still I was not getting the ultimate feeling of joy and it was then that I decided that during my PG I would make it a point that I don’t top in any of the semesters rather I would try to look at the other facets of life too apart from marks and grades…. I kept the resolution and in my PG I did every thing else too apart from studies… Thankfully I managed to maintain a decent pointer and I learnt to enjoy life (like going out with friends and all)….

My college also gave me the stepping stone to move towards my dream of making it big in life…. Yes I got placed in one of the best company that had come to our college for campus recruitment and the best part is that they placed me in Mumbai, the place where I always wanted to go….. And even better, Nicky also got placed in the same company (Trust me as far as placement is concerned I couldn’t have asked for more from my college)

This college gave me chance to meet some wonderful people like Sai, Gautum and Varun… Well I haven’t known them for too long but then I can surely say that they are good….

And finally its time to make mention of two very special people whom I met here and now they are an inseparable part of my life…. I really owe my college for this one… My college gave me my best friend Nicky and an elder brother Amit …..

Let’s start with Amit… Well I always wanted an elder brother but technically after my birth it wasn’t possible, but then all I can say is that in the world of emotions all logic and technicalities loose their relevance….. And so I found my elder bro here… Amit has truly been a great support… Within the first 15 days of our college we became friends and before even finishing one month in the college he was my bro… Elder bro…. (Elder by one and a half month but elder… that’s what is important according to him) Trust me it seems that we were lost in some kumbh ka mela 20 years back and hear we meet again… I mean there are so many similarities between the two of us… To begin with both of us have pathetic hand writing and only the heaven ruler can come down to read it, then we both love bhindi (in fact we both love Food), we both are short heighted, we both dislike the same set of people and the list is endless…. Amit has really been a great support all through out, he has always stood by my side in both the best ant the worst of times… He has really fulfilled my dream of having an elder brother… I would never be able to thank him enough for this…. I love my bro….

Finally Nicky, its your turn… I just don’t know what to say about this gal… A spiritual guru, a philosopher, an excellent writer, the fat beauty, a true food lover, a caring sister, a good daughter, a creative soul, a wonderful friend or some thing beyond all this… I just don’t have the right words for this gal…. Trust me it might sound exaggerated but its all true… She is amongst one of the most wonderful people I have met and I would never be able to thank my college enough for this… From the very first time we met, something really clicked and gradually we began to stay together for most of the time we were in college… From just a good friend she became something even over and above a best friend… I can really share my heart out with her… We have not just talked about our secrets but we talk about the weirdest of things like dreaming about a mouse and it turning into a cat…. Hehehe…. No place seems boring when the two of us are together… As individuals we are totally different… This gal is one most peaceful person on this earth… Had Gandhi ji been, alive he would have definitely adopted her…. With Nicky I have actually learnt to look at things differently and I really enjoy being with her… Off course she is not perfect and some of her habits really annoy me like hell… For instance her habit of always being prepared with an excuse…. But then at the end of the day she’s good, she is my friend and I love her too…

Wondering why I wrote such a long post for this… The reason is simple… Expression…..


  1. Should i say Thank You :) or should i say well expressed :) but surely even i owe this to our college, YOU. :) thanks gal.. and would definitely discuss that annoying habit of mine in detail. and about u n amit.. tht all is so true, even i dint observe tht many similarities.. you actually convinced about kumbh ka mela logic ;)

  2. btw i guess, tera font aaya hai, are u talkin abt Papyrys, bcoz this post has a different font as compared to previous posts.