Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Best WaY To Be...

The Best Way To Be……..

Mahatma Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani, Shahrukh Khan, Indira Nui, Kalpana Chawla, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad…..

Do you find anything in common in the above stated names?????

I do…. Firstly they all are very well renowned, they all are successful in their own way and their own streams and most importantly they all are unique, that is they all are just one of their kinds n have led their life in the right way that is their way…..

I know I still haven’t made my point clear. Let me put it this way…. Just imagine if Shahrukh Khan would have tried to become like Gandhiji then what would have happened……….? I’ll tell you what could have happened… He would have neither been able o become Gandhiji coz Gandhji is just one and no one can replace him and nor he would have become the king of bollywood and the ruler of so many hearts across the globe….. Today the world knows both Sharukh Khan as well as Gandhiji for their own deeds….. So the point is to become some thing in life it is not required that you try and imitate any one or try to become like any one but what matters is that You need to be Yourself….

Trust me, its not that only these people were unique…. No way…. We all are unique in our own very sweet way but the only distinguishing factor which makes them extraordinary is that they had identified the quality within them which differentiates them from the crowd…. For Gandhiji it was his love for nation, for Shahrukh it was his passion towards cinema, for Dhirubhai it was his greed for money……

All they have done and all that we need to do is look into our self for once and ask our soul that what do we want from our life……? What is it that matters the most to me….? Once I have an answer to these questions I’m already on my way to victory…..

I have seen many people esp. of our generation being influenced by the bollywood actors and TV actors and then they try to be like them and finally they end up making mockery of themselves….

Believe me, it is always good to be inspired by great people but it is very dangerous to be influenced by anyone because in that case we end up losing our own identity which is too precious to be lost….

I just don’t understand why can’t we love ourselves….? Why can’t we value ourselves for being whatever we are…..? Why…..?

I can’t say any thing about others but as far as I’m concerned no matter how good or bad I’m but I simply love my self and why shouldn’t I… I know that not too many people like me and to be very honest even I don’t like a lot of people and for this very reason I have very few friend, very few….. But then these few friends mean a lot to me and for the rest of the world I really don’t care…. People consider it o be my arrogance but then again I really don’t care and I believe that none of us should be bothered about the whole world…. Is the whole world bothered about you…? Obviously not… So then why the hell do you need to be so bloody bothered…?

To make a stand for your self in this world full of competitors the most basic thing is that you need to know yourself very well before you want the world to know you…. If you can not love your self how do you expect to seek acceptance from the rest….

To reach the zenith of success you have to be comfortable with yourself and you need to be madly in love with yourself and genuinely passionate about yourself coz the zenith can accommodate just one person at a time and so at the top the only person who is gonna remain with you till the end is YOU…..

So start being yourself coz that’s the best way to Be… And trust me it is not all that difficult…..

Proud To Be ME………..

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