Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opposites Attract???

Opposites Attract ???

Opposites Attract….. This is possibly amongst one of the most common phrases that we come across when we talk about things like love, relationships or even marriages. I have heard a lot of people saying that generally people who are opposite to one another end up being together. In fact I have personally come across a number of couples who admit that they are totally different from each other and that they have nothing in similar and yet they are madly in love with one another….

Well that was just the opinion of the majority and as always I happen to disagree with the majority….

Yes it’s true that for a number of years even I was a strong follower of this so called philosophy of “opposites attract” but then somehow recently I have realized that you pick up any couple and by this I literally mean any couple around you and you will easily get my point.

At first instance when you come across any couple it definitely seems that they are totally opposite to one another and the philosophy of “opposites attract” would sound pretty workable then, but when you get into the depth of any relation you will realize that there is something that the two people madly in love, have in common. There is always something or the other that strikes a cord between the two souls….

Trust me, if two individuals would be completely diverse from one another they can never stay together for too long. To have a long lasting relation you definitely need to have some trait in common to your soul mate which will act like the foundation stone on which your relation would stand….

Ask any couple how did they come together and you will know what is that string which ties the two souls together…. I mean they will have some similarities for sure which can be anything which might even sound a little weird. It can be their hobby, family background, eating habits (which I personally consider to be very imp), their school or college, their love for dogs or any other pet (by the way if you want to love me you will have to love cats for sure) or anything else under the sun….

For instance one my cousin, Vini got recently married. It was an arranged marriage but then during the courtship period (i.e. the period between her engagement and marriage) she madly fell in love with her would be husband Pankaj (whom I don’t find very impressive personally, but that hardly matters. At the end Vini’s opinion matters the most). At first sight I felt that what made Vini like Pankaj so much. I mean they were actually so different from one another like Vini is far more beautiful gal then Pankaj and a number of other similar differences but then gradually when I got to know Pankaj more and more I realized that the common trait which held these guys together was both of them are empty headed….. I know that sounds rude and weird too and I’m sorry for that but then that’s actually true…

Though most of the couples say that they are opposite to one another, they actually need to look at the bigger picture of their relation and they would realize that ultimately they are alike somewhere or the other and that’s why they are together or rather I should be saying that’s what keeps them together….

So next time when you look at any couple around you or for that matter if you search for your soul mate don’t look for differences but search for the similarities that would hold you together forever……. After all we are humans not magnets….

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