Thursday, February 11, 2010

That's So Unfair

That’s Sooooo UnFair……

God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolish, that she might love him

Woman is said to be a Miracle of Divine Creations….. It is believed that women are the masterpiece created by God…..

Yes guys, I think one of the most talked about or written about topic across the world is WoMen….. I’m sure each one of you must have come across an article or a discussion or a debate or some sort of speech or even a book for that matter on woman empowerment, role of woman in society, female rights, education of girl child, female infanticide, feminism, girl power, their charismatic beauty and what not…..

The point that I’m trying to make is that girls have always been given a lot of importance time and now and it is said that they make everything complete….. But ever given it a thought that what completes a girl….? It’s a Man….. Ever noticed, The word WoMan itself is incomplete without Man…..

They say women are god’s most artistic creation and I say that Men are the god’s smartest and wittiest creation….. If women are blessed with the divine beauty then men have been endowed with an unbeatable sense of humor and a superb presence of mind….

I know this sounds really strange and wearied but somehow I have always been fascinated by certain qualities that men posses and which a female will never be able to inculcate in her personality…. For instance the ability to withhold to ones emotion is some thing that only men can do perfectly….

No matter how hard we try but we just can’t beat them in some things…. I don’t know how many of you have noticed this one but then I have observed that girls always need to learn how to drive a vehicle but guys, they just know it by birth and the worst part is even after we learn it we just can not manage to beat these devils….. It’s true that unlike women, men are not good at everything but then we need to concede the fact that they are just perfect and proficient in thing which they know….. You can not beat a Man in his forte for sure….

They are rude, arrogant, rough and what not but then it all ends at one point because no matter how bad they are but we just can’t stop to love them….

People say a woman plays many roles in her life…. Starting from being an adorable daughter, caring sister, supportive friend, loving girlfriend, selfless wife, an obedient daughter in law to a protective and affectionate mother (And I personally feel this is the role which a woman plays best)

Now take up any of these roles and you will find that in each of these roles she is always accompanied by a man to contribute in making her what she is…. If she is an adorable daughter then its not just her mother but her father too who adores her,,,, If she is a caring sister then all her care is actually for her naughty brother,,,, If she is a supportive friend, its because of her friend who supported her in the bad phase of her life,,,, If she is a loving girlfriend, then it can be attributed to her boyfriend who loved her so much and who taught her what actually love is,,,, If she is a selfless wife then its all because of a husband who is ready to sacrifice everything for that smile on her face,,,, If she is an obedient daughter in law, its her father like father in law who makes her that ways,,,, And finally if she is an affectionate mother then all her affection is for her sweet, lil, mischievous prince,,,,, (God small boys look so cuteeee, I simply love them)

If you see a perfect woman standing before you then trust me her perfection can definitely be ascribed to contributions of at least 2 perfect men (one being her dad and the other being the love of her life)

One more thing which I wish to confess is that from the deepest corner of my heart I very strongly believe that boys make better friends then girls… It is very much evident in the history itself that the best of friends have been guys and not gals…. Be it Timon N Pumba, David & Jonathan or Jai N Veeru for that matter… I know all the gals are gonna kill me for this one but I sincerely feel that if two girlz are friends then some day or the other the “J-Factor” definitely comes into play but as far as boys are concerned they celebrate each other’s victories and achievements genuinely…..

Men are really giving, caring and supportive in each of their relation…. They have a soft side too but may be its not as palpable as in case of women…...

NOW, Just b’coz I have written this article does not implies in any way that I have got anything against girls or I myself have any regret of being a girl….. No Way…. I simply love myself for being me, no matter what…. The only rationale behind writing this article was that – WoMen are good but even Men are not bad and I genuinely feel that somebody needs to definitely acknowledge this evidentiary fact or else it would be really unfair to the guys and I thought if someone has to do it then why not me…… And it’s for this very reason itself that I titled this article as “That’s So Unfair”

This one goes out for all you guys dying to be noticed, recognized and acknowledged for once atleast…. I know it feels really bad and deprived coz nobody bothers to even make a mention about you all………. So this one is completely and absolutely devoted and dedicated for YOU…..

EnJoy BeiNg RcoGniZed…..

And yes, I know all you guys won’t be able to thank me enough for this one ever but then, It’s OK….. It Really is….

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