Thursday, February 11, 2010

The PeRfeCt ImpErfecTionS

The Perfect Imperfections………

Sometimes things around you may not seem right

Sometimes you might not find support 4m the right people

Sometimes you might find everything around you so imperfect

But trust me we are always surrounded by imperfections….

However we tend to ignore them as they are petty negligible

But at times these imperfections become quite blatant

N its then that everything around us begins to seem meaningless

N we, just due to the prevalent circumstances tend to search 4 imperfections inadvertently in everything that surrounds us…..

But believe me I have realized that a perfect life is nothing but a sum total of a number of imperfections……. Which though seem so troublesome to us today, become beautiful memories for tomorrow…… All that we need to do is stop attempting to make things perfect…. Rather what makes a perfect life is “Enjoying The IMPERFCTIONS”

So all I wish for is a perfect life filled with lots n lots of Beautiful N Funny imperfections worth being cherished forever…..

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