Monday, February 15, 2010

My Name Is Khan

My Name Is KHAN

Superb, Fantastic, Mind blowing, Fantabulous, Supercalifragalisticexpialidotious….. These all are the words that came to my mind when I walked out of the movie hall after watching MNIK.

The movie was simply a treat to my eyes…. Just don’t know where to start from…

Well the movie is about a guy called Rizvan Khan being played by the man himself i.e. Shahrukh Khan who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome i.e. Autism because of which he finds it difficult to interact with people or express his emotions, however he very well understands the emotions and feelings and manages to express them in his own strange yet sweet way. He moves to USA after the death of his mother to stay with his brother where he falls in love with Mandira (Kajol) who is lively, fun loving and at the same time independent and a lady with a strong character who is staying in San Francisco with her 6 year old son named sameer aka Sam out of a failed marriage….

The movie has a small angel of a love story which is different from a typical SRK romantic flick…. The two fall in love with each other gradually and ultimately get married. There life moves smoothly until the terrorist attack of 9/11, which changes their life completely and everyone in US begins to suspect them as terrorist just because their surname is Khan… During all these hassles going on in their life they end up losing their son Sam in a racist attack.

The pain of losing her son turns Mandira mad on Rizvan and she begins to hold Rizvan responsible for Sam’s death and begins to believe that she would have never lost her son if she wouldn’t have married Rizvan and become a Khan…

Ultimately Mandira decides to break her marriage with Rizvan, however Rizvan being madly in love with Mandira convinces her that he would do anything to keep their relationship alive and here the story takes a turn of 360 degrees….

Mandira puts forward a condition before Rizvan that they can not stay together unless he meets the president and tell’s him “My name is KHAN and I’m not a terrorist”….

Rizvan, just to save his relationship sets out for an extraordinary journey to meet the president of USA without asking any questions to Mandira….

This journey poses a number of challenges before him and was not easy in any way. But Rizvan was a man of determination and courage and refuses to give up before any circumstances come what may…

He moves from one state to another of USA to meet up president for once… He meets out all the obstacles, crosses all the stumbling blocksand ultimately manages to meet the president and wins the love of Mandira back into his life…. Also on his way of journey to the president he helps out the needy people and tries to mitigate their pain in the best way he could and spreads a message of peace and humanity throughout the world….

The story had just everything in it to make it a must watch… A fresh love story, a social message, awareness about Autism and what not… The movie had a perfect theme, an excellent cast, superb direction, just 3 songs totally situational and stupendous performance by Shahrukh… The rest of the cast has also done justice to their roles…

The movie has been successful in putting forward the message it want’s to… The message given by the movie is that their should not be any discrimination based on cast or colour and that there is only one way to categorize people and that is on the basis of their goodness….

Rizvan spreads out the message across the world that there are only two types of people in this world… The good ones and the bad ones… There are no good Hindus and bad Hindus or good Muslims and bad Muslims or anything for that matter but there are only good humans and bad humans… That’s it…

The whole idea has been put forward very beautifully through this heart touching movie… Some of the scenes have been shoot excellently and they manage to force you to put your thinking cap for once and give a thought to these aspects of life…

Shahrukh has been just excellent in his role and succeeds to strike a chord in your heart… He has portrayed the fatherly emotions very beautifully. At some points I could literally feel the tears rolling down my cheeks but could do nothing to stop them… I have always loved shahrukh as an actor but now I really respect him as an actor… He has been able to change the image of a chocolaty boy which he has been carrying or years and years… He has done full justice to his role….

The movie was a great piece of cinema… The first half of the movie seemed to be a bit stretched but the second half of it compensates for every thing….

Some of my friends did not like the movie….

All I can say is that the movie is no way a typical bollywood masala… You would not find any nonsense or any flashy item numbers or any funny fillers but trust me if you really wish to see some real good cinema then go and watch out for My Name Is KHAN…..

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