Sunday, February 7, 2010

Someone Like THIS…..!

Since the time a girl steps into her teens she begins to discover a new world around her. A world filled with new friends, a strange excitement, an unexperienced sense of freedom, a new set of expectations, a beauty which was unnoticed for years suddenly begins to light up her face. Suddenly she starts understanding fashion which seemed so idiotic just a couple of days back, she begins to consider her opinion as prominent as others or at times even more then others, she begins to experience feelings like ego, jealousy, impatience and so on. Overnight her dad is no more her hero and she starts looking for someone to fill the empty space of her hero. In short a kiddo turns into a girl.

This is not the story of someone in specific but this is the story of each and every girl (Trust me… being a girl I can say this). Apart from all these changes one of the most prominent change that a girl experiences during her transition phase is dreaming about a special someone…. Suddenly she experiences an undefinable emptiness n her restless eyes can just not stop looking for HIM….. In order to search him the first thing she does is to define him… She tries to visualize him and lists out all his qualities….

Being a girl even I have my dream guy just like any other girl…. And though it has been years that I have crossed my teens but my dreams are yet to take a shape…..

Today I remembered somebody’s words which said “If you can write it on a piece of paper that what do you want, then you are bound to get it” and so I decided to write about him….

Though I have been dreaming about him for years but today when I have decided to write about him, suddenly I feel like there are just no perfect words to define him, like the literature people are yet to come up with their best…. To put it in simple language I’m falling short of words…. But then as I’m very stubborn so since I have decided, I would at least make an attempt to define him. He would be

“Someone who is a man and yet boyish

Someone who is as rich as Richie Rich but also a lofar like Johny Bravo

Someone who is as intelligent as Dexter and yet as innocent as Donald

Someone who is as strong as Popeye but as romantic as Alladin

Someone who can give me laughing tears

Someone fun to be with

Someone who can add up spice to any boring thing

Someone whose smile would make everything around me seem not only just all right but great

Someone who is sophisticated enough to dine with in a five star and yet Desi enough to eat pani puri on the road side

Someone who is damn filmy n yet has a sense of originality in everything

Someone who is very naughty n witty and yet supportive enough to hold my hands in the difficult times

Someone who can play with the kids like a kid and also accompanies his mom to the temple

Someone who parties hard and yet is a great support to his family

Someone mad enough to stand in the middle of the roads on a rainy day to sing Tum se hi for me

Someone mad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night to say that “I Love You”

Someone who is jack of all relations but master of Love

Someone whose presence makes everything around me seem beautiful including me

Someone whose voice would be music to my ears

Someone who is as cool as cucumber, calm n composed (me being the most short tempered being I have ever come across)

Someone who would not get a heart attack looking my shopping bills

Someone who would pamper the kiddo hidden inside me

Someone who can take me out at 1 in the night for having a chocolate fantasy with lots of hot Chocolate sauce at CCD’s

Someone who can go on listening to my stupid talks for hours and hours

Someone who would make me feel as if the time is just flying

Someone being with whom would always leave me with a feeling of wanting more

Someone whose mere touch can light thousands of 1000 Walt bulbs (these days CFL’) in my body

Someone who would make Chocolates N Armaan seem miniscule

Someone who would let me put on weight n yet love me as ever

Someone with whom age would be no bar n each day would be a new unforgettable experience

Someone who would turn my life into a beautiful story where though everything would be true n yet sound so unreal

Someone who would be proud of being with me and would announce it to the world on the top of his voice

Someone who can read my eyes n words would never be the medium of our communication

Someone who can make me feel beautiful

Someone for who can drive me crazy about everything in him

Someone who loves me for being me

Someone who knows me inside out

Someone who likes me for my strengths but loves me for my weaknesses…”

I don’t want a perfect guy for me but all I need is someone who can make me fall in love with his imperfections… He should be just one of his kinds….

I know the list is a bit short but still that’s how I’m…. I’ll be satisfied with the little that I have thought of………..

Well though I have dreamt of him since my school days I’m yet to find him n the search is still ON…..!


  1. Oh crap ! just missed; Feb 7th was when I got married this year !!! :D :D :D :D :D

  2. May you search end soon!:) Vimmuuu, koi nahi buddy :)