Friday, September 10, 2010

The Other End

The Other End…

Being jobless makes you a philosopher… These days I keep coming up with new philosophies and I guess if I don’t find a job soon enough then I would end up writing a book for my self… :p Anyways here is one of my newly developed philosophy…

Good – Bad, Right – Wrong, Beautiful – Ugly, Intelligent – Stupid, Rich – Poor, Outgoing – Shy, Courageous – Coward, Success – Failure, Strong – Weak, High – Low, Modern – Traditional and what not..

We all have the tendency to categorize life into one of the two extremes… Either something is good or if it’s not good then its bad… Don’t we all do it very frequently… And being a scorpion I do it all the more coz we are scorpions are extremists by birth…

But recently I felt as if there isn’t the other end of an extreme… It’s just that a few people are good and the others are not so good but no one is bad as every one has something or the other good in him… If something is not right according to you does not means that its wrong, may be what you consider wrong is perfect from somebody’s else’s perception… If someone is not strong enough to fight frequently does not means he’s weak... (And I personally feel that no one on this earth is weak… Bas kuch logon ko ungli karne ki zarurat hoti, isliye never underestimate anyone)… If someone is not Einstein does not means that he’s dumb.. Its just that a few people are more intelligent then others but no one is an absolute dumb….

So you see there isn’t any other end to the Extreme…. Hey wait a minute… If you think that having realized this, I would stop being an extremist then sorry to disappoint you but I’m a hard core scorpion and can not do much about it… After all I have developed this philosophy just recently but I have been scorpion by birth…..

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