Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 3 C's

The 3 C’s….

I’ am sure a marketing guy must have already started making faces that this stupid finance gal doesn’t even knows that there are 4 C’s of marketing and not three…..

Well for all of them, I know that there are 4 C’s of marketing namely Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication…. But I’m talking about the 3 Big C’s of life…. And as you would go on to read this post, these 3 C’s would get unleashed gradually….

I have always believed that prima-facie life is really simple but as humans we just can not like simple things (personally simple is my favourite word and I think there is nothing in this world better then simplicity) and so we start looking for CHOICES and that is my first C….

Yes it’s really true we just can’t take things the way they are and so we always keep looking for options and choices in everything right from something as big as a car to something as small as a flower….

Once we have the choices in our life which we always wanted to have, we land up in CONFUSIONS and this is my second C…. You got that right choices never make you happy…. They just create confusions… If you don’t agree then answer this one… When we were in our schools everyday we had to wear the same boring school uniform but still those were the best days of our life where we were never bothered coz everyone looks the same but now when we are into colleges and offices we have got all the choices in the world to wear whatever we feel like and the result is every morning starts with a confusion as to what should I wear (thankfully in my case I just open my wardrobe and whatever falls on my head from the shelf is what I wear). I guess I have convinced you that choices lead to confusions…. (By the way the biggest confusion of my life is which radio station to tune in… I always end up shuffling the stations 1069 times)

And these confusions are good for nothing but creating COMPLICATIONS which is my third and the last C… I have realized that somehow all of us love complications… I have always believed that God has gifted each one of us with a life which is simple and beautiful but it is we who make it complicated as hell… And what do we do then…. Our favourite pass time…. That is cribbing about everything around….

I mean when we don’t have choices we crib about the fact that life has left no choice before us and when we have choices we end up converting them into complications which gives us just another excuse to crib…. (May be we seek immense pleasure in cribbing….)

It’s true that sometime even if we don’t ask for, life puts forward some choices before us but then all you need to do is don’t take life too seriously… Make you decisions quick… Don’t let confusions surmount over you… Personally I never take too long to decide and whenever in fix, I make a choice by tossing coin… Trust me it really works…. Not that it always gives the right answer…. But when the coin is up in the air you know what your heart wants the result to be….. And once you know that the actual result hardly matters….

I think we all need to think over this and try and keep everything around quite simple and take life just the way it comes before us rather then making it unnecessarily complicated….. And believe me its quite simple to be simple…

Keep It Simple…..


  1. First of all, a confession - i dint knw the 4 C's of marketing, so wat .. i m a marketing gal.. not a marketing guy - it wasn't even expected out of me,:)
    Secondly it seemed as if its a direct taunt to me for being always confused :)
    and finally no i dont agree n its not rite either tht being simple is very simple...
    lets see wat life brings for me.. and how i learn the life.. :)

  2. It was not for you but then i will have to confess that you definitely inspired me to write on this topic....:)
    N i'm really sorry if you felt bad about anything...

  3. nah... i dint feel bad about anything.. obviously.. but i'll definately lile to do away wid my this habit..