Monday, April 5, 2010

There's Somethin Missing

There’s something MisSing….

It is so important for us, girls to look good, to look beautiful and to get complimented for it too….

A couple of days back me and nicky went for my haircut and it was actually quite nice, at least I loved it….. But because of that somehow I really had the memories of my past running before my eyes…. The kind of gal I was during my school days… A shy and a submissive gal with Long hair tightly plated with at least 1 litre of coconut oil and thick specks… I was honestly the most unnoticed being of my class with just one friend and thankfully she is still my friend (Dhruti)…. As far as my scores are concerned I used to always flunk in maths, chemistry, hindi and geography, so you see I can’t even call my self an average….. I was way below average….. Somehow I was thrown by teachers from class to another…. I always got scolded in my class for my poor handwriting and incomplete notebooks…. And the worst part was that I could never speak if put before anyone and nobody even bothered as to what I had to say (off course my mom is an exception to everything)….

But all this was only till I cleared my 10th standard….. With the passage of time a lot of things about me changed like the way I look (I don look the same any more), I even excelled in studies and most importantly I became really confident, and now I can easily put my point forward (I really owe my mom for all this)….

Life has changed 360 degrees in the last 6-7 years….. Looking beautiful which was a dream then is now true (I know I don’t look like a princess but still I can now put myself into the category of an average from an ugly looking gal)….

And that day after my new haircut I got compliments from a lot of friends but somehow I was still not happy about the whole thing and I just didn’t knew what was missing… But all I knew was that “There’s something Missing” and now I know what is it… It’s a word of appreciation from that special someone who just can not stop admiring the smallest thing about you…

No matter how careless we gals tend to pretend about our looks and appearance but ultimately it all matters and having a special someone in your life who admires it all, matters all the more…

Now I know that though I have everything in my life but nothing would be complete without him… I really miss him a lot…. God knows who is he and where is he but I’m sure with time life would unveil his face before me and I know that once he is their in my life he would make everything around not just complete but beautifully complete…..

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  1. i am sure he would :) but that some one would make your life complete :) not you.. you are already one beautiful, vivacious , confident girl :)