Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Date

The First Date….

Saw the video??? Nop… Then watch it first….

Done with it… Cute na… I know it is… Well this is the video when Mayank took Nupur for their first date… This episode had been telecasted some 1 year back n since then I had been searching for this video n finally I have it…

I simply love everything about it… Right from the music to the lyrics to the singers to the picturisation. I mean it has been made so beautifully… From the very first time I saw it, I had fallen in love with it n you know since then I had been wishing that whenever I would go for my first date it should all be the same… I mean he (whoever he is) should actually get the stars shining all around, bring the clouds down to my feet n make the rains shower all around just like Mayank did it for Nupur..

I know it all sounds so kiddish n idiotic but somehow I really want it to be just like this coz deep down I’m a very filmy kind of gal who wants everything the bollywood style n especially there has to be an element of rains into it…

Waiting for my Mayank to come….

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