Friday, July 2, 2010

Lucky Me….

The city of dreams, the financial capital of India, bollywood n what not… Mumbai has been addressed with so many names times n now…. It goes without saying that the city is actually awesome... And as far as I’m concerned, the city has always been good to me… The last time when I was here for 2 months the people in my organisation were a great support and they actually made the time fly…. And trust me the day when I was leaving I had tears in my eyes and a prayer in my heart that I get to come back again and thankfully God addressed my prayer beautifully and here I’m working in Mumbai with a good MNC n a set of some wonderful people…

Well my office is situated in Hiranandani… Just look around your self and all that you would be able to see is lots and lots of sky scrapers, all of them beautifully made…. That area does not even seem to be a part of India, it is made similar to the streets of London (and you know what since my childhood I have always wanted to visit London for once and I have even promised myself that my 1st foreign trip would be to London only) and that’s the best part about it… As far as my work goes, I’m still left with a training of another 3 weeks and then I would be all set to have my own cubical…

Hey by the way you know what my office is situated on a hill side and the view outside my window is more then awesome and now comes the cherry on the cake… You won’t believe this one but me n nicky have even managed to find a flat in Hiranandani itself (its quite close to the office) and it’s a very beautiful flat and the entire building is newly constructed and even our flat is situated on a hill, between the rocks and when it rains you can actually see the waterfalls flaunting their beauty… It’s an amazing view…. I’m sure you must be really jealous…. It’s ok… I can understand…J

I simply luv this city like anything n I genuinely wish to spend my entire life in this city… Let’s see what life has in store for me…. I have kept my fingers crossed….

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